Friday, June 26, 2009

Not much miledge but some good runs

Friday: AM: 8 miles in 56 w/ Nathan, Micah, Simone
Saturday: AM:12miles w/ Boardtown (good for about 6 miles of it, lol.)
Sunday: AM:40min w/ M.E
Monday:AM: 8.8 miles in 60min (around 6:40- 6:50pace) w/ Nathan and Micah
Tuesday: AM: 45min with Kelly (6+ miles, probably 7:00 pace)
Wednesday: AM:w/u, 5mile hilly loop in 30:10, c/d w/ Nathan & Micah
Thursday: 30min easy
Friday: 8miles in 54:02 w/ Nathan & Micah

It was 117 degrees on the black top today. Lol. I remember looking at the walgreens sign reading 100 degrees, 110 percent humidity. Its like running in soup. But we love getting up at 4:15 to stay out of the heat...right?

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