Friday, June 26, 2009

Not much miledge but some good runs

Friday: AM: 8 miles in 56 w/ Nathan, Micah, Simone
Saturday: AM:12miles w/ Boardtown (good for about 6 miles of it, lol.)
Sunday: AM:40min w/ M.E
Monday:AM: 8.8 miles in 60min (around 6:40- 6:50pace) w/ Nathan and Micah
Tuesday: AM: 45min with Kelly (6+ miles, probably 7:00 pace)
Wednesday: AM:w/u, 5mile hilly loop in 30:10, c/d w/ Nathan & Micah
Thursday: 30min easy
Friday: 8miles in 54:02 w/ Nathan & Micah

It was 117 degrees on the black top today. Lol. I remember looking at the walgreens sign reading 100 degrees, 110 percent humidity. Its like running in soup. But we love getting up at 4:15 to stay out of the heat...right?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

MIA on the blog...been busy with life!

Well since my last post I have joined a new running group, bought a dog ( a Morkie named Buster) gone head first into my new job, raced a half marathon, and reduced my miledge a good bit.

This new group I train with runs at 4:45am mon,wed,fri and 6:30 on saturdays. We also meet tuesdays at 5:15. Because I typically dont come home from work till after six, I rarely run in the afternoons now. Whats the point? I am not training for anything big except for a couple of 5k's late in the summer.

Problem is, my long runs are now with the boardtown group, and we usually take long water breaks which I am having trouble getting used to. Yes, my pace has been getting down to around 6:45 per mile on my regular run days, and can drop down to 6:30 on my long runs for quite anumber of miles--- but I havent been able to do more than one workout and a hard long run per week because the change in training has been so hard to get used to.

I really have enough time to get 10 miles in most mornings, but it seriously effects my jog performance, and right now, I cannot afford to be hungry all the time (or tired for that manner). And, at the end of the day I just want to go home and be with my family, and not run. 8 miles is enough for me. NOt only that, I am taking thursdays off! And sundays I barely run! I havent done this since I started running. I feel so guilty but why bother getting myself fatigued right now.

So I have a new Morkie named Buster, hes almost 12 weeks old and the cutest thing you have ever seen. Thats his picture on this post.

Besides the fact that I have significantly reduced my miledge, my training has been pretty good. I wish I would have posted some of the runs we have done...but I just didnt get around to it.

As for the half marathon..I ran a race in Jackson last weekend, pretty low key, I really used it as a long run...but ended up getting heat exhaustion by the end. I would have never won it anyway, I settled for second before the gun went off (I was being realistic). Not only could I not have won, I couldnt be bothered trying to race. I am to exhausted and mentally drained. Still pocked $250, which was not much but a nice treat for a long run effort....probably not worth me having to sleep all day sunday.

I promise to try to better about blogging my training from now on...promise to TRY. lol.

Happy Running everyone!