Friday, May 15, 2009


Wednesday:AM:50min PM:21min (3 miles on the rec treadmill)
Thursday:AM:20min w/u 27min c/d 5x 1 mile, 5:49, 5:30, DNF
Friday:53min relaxed

I dropped out of thursdays workout. I was tired from getting up at 5am or earlier for the last two weeks and I just couldnt get my legs going. I also got a massive chest cramp that took me to the ground a few meters from the finish of the second mile. I decided that I should probably just relax and take a few days to get my act together.
I have a few races left to run this summer, but the only one I really have to run is june 13th. As long as I can keep up with my long runs and one workout, I should be ok. I am just not into it right now and I am exhausted all the time running. I have lost a bunch of wieght these last three weeks..even with a reduction in my training load. I need to reach some sort of balance between time with my husband, my job, and my running..

On vacation until end of sunday. Not to concerned about miledge, just trying to get at least a 90min run in while I am out.
I think I mmiss work already...isnt that terrible?

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