Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Job First Week

Monday: AM: 1:24:58 12.0 miles
Tuesday: AM:44min PM:20min
Wednesday: AM:56min run
Thursday: AM:55min with 6x3min Hard (5:45ish effort)w/ 90sec-2min rest on mugshots
Friday: AM:30min PM: warmup+ strides (2 miles)

Did not run a whole lot this week. I started a new job and I am trying to adjust my schedule to getting to bed before 10pm and getting up before 5:30am. So far its going ok, I should be able to sneak in another 12 miles or so during the middle of the week.

Started my new job on tuesday. Really tired from the weekend. Planning on running GumTree this weekend.
Not much else to write.

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