Sunday, May 3, 2009

MBA in hand: New job starts Tuesday!

The Picture is of one of the biggest loser contestants and myself at the Country Music Marathon
Friday:AM:50min easy
Saturday:AM: 20min w/u, 28min c/d, 2mile tempo run: 10:51.88
Sunday:AM:59min run (8.25 miles)

I have really really enjoyed this recovery week. I had a great run on sunday, and after a relaxed 2 miles, I had a hard time slowing down to run 7:00's.

Anyways, the two mile tempos went pretty well. I ran it on mugshots by myself very early (I mean warmed up by 6:00am) but HOuston did keep me company by driving beside me in his pathfinder (its nice to have such a wonderful Husband). I ran this tempo almost 15 seconds faster then last time and I felt really good the whole time.

Anyways, I walked for my Masters on Saturday, start my new job tuesday. Houston and I have been looking for a house in starkville, and he has been looking for a dog for me. I told him that I want my graduation gift to be a Morkie, so we are actively searching the state for breaders.

Next week I will pick my miledge back up again and get right back on track. I really think this recovery week is exactly what I needed after bonking in Nashville.

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SBVOR said...


Congratulations on the MBA, the new job and all your athletic accomplishments.

Best wishes on the next phase of your life!