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4:45 AM with the Boardtown Group

Tuesday:AM:40min PM:30min
Wednesday:AM: 1.5m w/u, 1.5 m c/d 5x1mile hard w/ 2min jog btwn (5:45-5:50 effort)(9)

I missed all the miles but 2, because I was wearing my garmin and I kept pressing stop instead of lap. Must have been because it was 4:45 in the freakin

I really enjoyed it, its about time I sucked it up and got a workout in. Whats all this crap about being over fatigued and maybe anemic..blah blah blah. I felt fine today.

Memorial Weekend

Sunday: 8 miles with Houston in 56:45
Monday: AM:30min w/u, 10min c/d 3X8min hard w/60-90rest (9)

Still running terrible. This morning i wok eup to rain, again, so the humidity was triple digits. It was awful. I dont know if its the weather, or the fact that I have lost a bunch of weight lately. Houston seems to think its the combination of both. Im going to really try and eat a bit more the next few days, I really have tried. I was only running my 8min sections at 6:30 pace, but it felt like an all out effort. A few weeks ago I could run 10miles below 6:10 pace. I do not understand what is going on.
If it continues all through this week, I am going to get a blood test to check my iron levels. It doesnt make sense that such a major reduction in training volume brings so much fatigue and the inablility to run.

Vacation training..or lack of...

Saturday: AM: 55:50 for 8miles (relaxed+progressive)
8:00, 7:15, 7:05, 6:53, 6:50, 6:46, 6:40, 6:20
Sunday: AM: 70min easy at 4500 FT and HILLY
Monday: PM: 29min (4miles w/ Houston)
Tuesday: AM: 56:30 for 8.02 miles (1st mile 8:00, last 3 miles were 6:45)

I am started to feel REALLY good again. Been eatting more, drinkig lots of water, taking my vitamins. Finally got some sleep last night and I feel FABULOUS.
Told Houston that I want to jump on the training wagon ASAP. He told me to give it one more day.
Really happy that I am starting to get my legs back under me. I am actually starting to miss workouts.


Wednesday:AM:50min PM:21min (3 miles on the rec treadmill)
Thursday:AM:20min w/u 27min c/d 5x 1 mile, 5:49, 5:30, DNF
Friday:53min relaxed

I dropped out of thursdays workout. I was tired from getting up at 5am or earlier for the last two weeks and I just couldnt get my legs going. I also got a massive chest cramp that took me to the ground a few meters from the finish of the second mile. I decided that I should probably just relax and take a few days to get my act together.
I have a few races left to run this summer, but the only one I really have to run is june 13th. As long as I can keep up with my long runs and one workout, I should be ok. I am just not into it right now and I am exhausted all the time running. I have lost a bunch of wieght these last three weeks..even with a reduction in my training load. I need to reach some sort of balance between time with my husband, my job, and my running..

On vacation until end of sunday. Not to concerned about miledge, just trying to get at leas…

April showers bring may...well its not sunshine, thats for sure

Saturday: AM: 21min warmup/20min cooldown, 10k race in (ahem...)
Sunday: PM: 60min easy on southfarm
Monday: AM: 1hr 39min for 14 miles (7:04 pace)pouring rain and thunderstorms..
Tuesday: AM:2 mile jog Pm:40min run

Saturday was a terrible experience. I went out not to fast, 5:48 at the mile which was relatively conservative and just got slower from there. I know Gum Tree is not a fast course, but there is no excuse for what I ran. Really, it was not a terrible day, I had a two time olympic gold medalist out kick me at the end and only beat me by less than 15 that was ok. I am just not happy with it...the field was loaded I know but it was awful. I need to find out what oart of my training is missing...I can go through 10k faster in a half marathon than I can just racing the 10. It just doesnt make any sense.

I am jumping back on the training wagon and really hope to have a good week this week. I know Monday was not my best long run effort, but I felt so good and…

New Job First Week

Monday: AM: 1:24:58 12.0 miles
Tuesday: AM:44min PM:20min
Wednesday: AM:56min run
Thursday: AM:55min with 6x3min Hard (5:45ish effort)w/ 90sec-2min rest on mugshots
Friday: AM:30min PM: warmup+ strides (2 miles)

Did not run a whole lot this week. I started a new job and I am trying to adjust my schedule to getting to bed before 10pm and getting up before 5:30am. So far its going ok, I should be able to sneak in another 12 miles or so during the middle of the week.

Started my new job on tuesday. Really tired from the weekend. Planning on running GumTree this weekend.
Not much else to write.

MBA in hand: New job starts Tuesday!

The Picture is of one of the biggest loser contestants and myself at the Country Music Marathon
Friday:AM:50min easy
Saturday:AM: 20min w/u, 28min c/d, 2mile tempo run: 10:51.88
Sunday:AM:59min run (8.25 miles)

I have really really enjoyed this recovery week. I had a great run on sunday, and after a relaxed 2 miles, I had a hard time slowing down to run 7:00's.

Anyways, the two mile tempos went pretty well. I ran it on mugshots by myself very early (I mean warmed up by 6:00am) but HOuston did keep me company by driving beside me in his pathfinder (its nice to have such a wonderful Husband). I ran this tempo almost 15 seconds faster then last time and I felt really good the whole time.

Anyways, I walked for my Masters on Saturday, start my new job tuesday. Houston and I have been looking for a house in starkville, and he has been looking for a dog for me. I told him that I want my graduation gift to be a Morkie, so we are actively searching the state for breaders.

Next week I will pick my…

Recovery week

Wednesday:AM:53 min (7) PM:35 min
Thursday:AM: 65min w/ Simone, 4X5min Hard on south farm, 5 min runs in between

Not really motivated to train to hard this week. Walking for my Masters on Saturday and I have family in town. Figure I will get back on it next week.