Thursday, April 23, 2009


Wednesday: AM:3miles relaxed
PM:17min w/u 12min c/d, 10min, 6min, 4min, 2min at half marathon pace
I think I was about 6:10-6:15 at the mile in the 10min segment and felt pretty good, the 6min segment was to fast, in the high 5:50's..4min was fine...2min I ran on the track instead, a 600 in 1:58. then I was spent actually.

Been sleeping alot lately. must be the weather, its getting pretty hot here...mississippi in the summer is miserable....but some reason i cant leave this place.


RunTX said...

It's starting to heat up here too. Today it was in the nineties..SE very humid...

Loren said...

yeah 10 miles in the afternoon on thursday was not the best idea...I was so hot!I wish i were you because i have gotten NO sleep this week and im exhausted! good luck this weekend! your gonna do awesome!!