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Never OVERestimated your competition

Saturday: AM:2mile w/u 2mile c/d 5k in 17:35~17:45 (had to estimate with and my GPS, because I was lead almost 1 mile off course..and I still won..interesting.)
PM:26min jog
Sunday: 50min run, + M.E's workout (she had a 1200m timetrial, a hard 400, and some 150's)
Monday: AM:16.0 miles in 1:52.10 (not sure about the seconds)

So Saturday was an experience...I decided not to drive to New Orleans to race....(only to look at the results to find the race was won in 18:24 which is 24 seconds slower than I ran there last year and about 50 seconds slower than I probably would have run this year (kiss $1000 good bye))...but I had a short tempo on schedule, and decided to jump in a local road race. I ended up leading from the gun, not a single male around to help the pace. The police car lead me for about 16min, when it just left. I had no idea I was only 400m from the finish...but I was lead the wrong way. Yeah, not like a few hundred meters or anything...a freakin mile!
1 mile they sent me off course. When I finially crossed the finish line, two males had just finished... I basically ran a 4 mile tempo, but I doubt the last mile was very fast, as I stopped a few times to ask for directions (that nobody knew). I was really mad when I was finished.All the race director just told me "you still won the womens".

Why is it that these people do not understand? (this is not the first time this is happened to me.) Its not about beating other females, its about beating EVERYONE. All the frat boys and avid sanderson goers...the guys that need a good butt whipping from a female.
....Oh well, I still cleared a 50 dollar gift card. Only 950 less than I would have made if I would have took that trip to New Orleans. Fantastic! (hint of sarcasm there)

So that was saturday. Sunday, I had to workout with Mary ELizabeth. I had a time trial on her schedule, and I was so pumped up all day. Too pumped up, because when she got to the track I could tell she just was not feeling my enthusiasm.
And why would she? she got kicked in the knee playing soccer the day before. I lead her threw 3 SOLID laps at 6:00 pace, I was so excited. She, on the other hand, got freaked out and started crying, telling me her knee hurts. I made her stop, a lap short of the mile. She just sat on the ground a cried. Probably out of embarrasment and disappointment.

Good thing Houston was there and helped me calm her down. I made her finish the mile, but I did not want her to be upset. She did what I told her to do, run 6min pace for as long as she could. ANd as long as she could that day was 1200m. This year, this child has learned so much. Everytime she leaves the track I feel like I have pumped her so full of information that her head might just pop off. This is the hardest year of running, the first year. But I know she likes it, and I know she wants to win, she just does not know the difference between running "hurt" and physical "pain". And like I told her, that is the hardest thing to "learn" and somepeople never do.
So that was sunday, monday was a long run in the AM. I shot out of bed at 4:30, only to find it nasty cold, and windy...extremely windy. I ended up averaging pretty well ,minus the first and last mile that were barely under 8 min pace. Many of the miles on the farm were very say the least...because I had wind right in the face. The last 4 miles, were brutal. My face hurts from expression of agony that I held for 8min short of two hours.

thats it. I think. no clever closing.


RunTX said…
This was an interesting post. That was awful about them leading you off the course. I totally feel your anger about that ordeal.

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