Sunday, April 12, 2009


Friday:AM:50min run (skipped the afternoon run)
Saturday: AM:2mile w/u 8 mile tempo on campus loop in 49:10 3mile c/d
Sunday:am:55min and stretch

Yesterdays workout was good through 6, but my hip cramped really bad on 7 and 8 and i lost cordination again and could barely get my leg to work. i was angry, but I felt like it was starting to loosen up again, and may have been alot looser on mile 9. maybe not though. I felt really good through six, so without the cramp i knew i could maintain. I have not been doing my exercises so its partly my fault. 6:01, 6:07, 6:03, 6:05, 6:11, 6:07, 6:13, 6:20

i was really suppose to do this workout at 6:15, which would be goal half marathon pace but that felt to slow. maybe if i would have stayed at 6:15 i would not have cramped up? hmm.
(the picture is SEC conference meet junior year, thats me in the Mstate with #1 as my hip number)


RunTX said...

Great picture...Bananas help against cramping...What kind of exercises are you doing?

Loren said...

Sweet picture! I wish I could run steeple!

RunTX said...

I ran the steeple back in junior college 1991. What a great experience. My daughters have heard me talk about it, but had never seen pics of girls running it. They usually just show the guys running it on t.v. Thanks for posting this pic, now they can see how fun it is.