Tuesday, April 28, 2009

3rd at Country Music (half) Marathon

Thursday:AM: 50min run
Friday:AM:40min jog, drive to Nashville for the CMMarathon
Saturday:AM: 2.5mile w/u, 13.1 mile race 1:26.01 (ouch!) for 3rd, 30min walk/jog c/d
Sunday:AM: 30min easy
Monday:AM: 35min easy
Tuesday:AM: 60min relaxed (8)

{sound of a bomb dropping}...
Well sooo country music did not go over as well as I would have liked. Before the race they kept us in corrals for like 20 minutes while the tempature progressively got hotter and the people beside me progressively got stinkier. The race was hot, miserable, and I was dead by 3 miles. I went out to hard and decided to slow down..and then I just stayed slow.

The high light of my race was when a women in 4th place caught up with me with a mile to go, and I ended up beating her by over 40 seconds...must have been a monster of a kick.

SO what did we learn...we learnt to never try to run half marathons after march in the south. We also learnt that 3 halves ina month and a half is to much, we learnt that 3 months of race prep for the half is probably not enough. we learnt that we should probably take it easy for a week or so.

I know I haver really not been running alot, and I am planning on changing that in the near future. Its just that everytime I take my miledge up, my legs get very fatigued.

On another note, some one asked me about a possible cool prize (seeing as the full pays 10K for the winner, and another 10K for the winner of the mens/womens time competition) this is what I wrote on his facebook wall:

"Well elite racing called my phone whne I was already on my way back to starkville and convinced me to go back. they fed us a nice meal and i got to mingle with the other elites...and had my picture with the biggest loser contestants! umm but yeah not really much of an award really. They were very good to me but I hate to say that I will not run this race next year.I know that the times were not terribly fast in the half, but over all it was a very good race. If you look at the results there were women and men from all over coming out to run the half. For a full marathon that pays 10K for the winner (+another 10k for the male winner), I felt like the least they could do was give us a pair of shoes or a useful piece of running apparel from their big new balance sponsor. they had all these huge sponsors set up for the expo that they could have scored something cool from.I should have stayed and ran the double decker in oxford and saved my self 8 hours of traveling....the awards for the half were a joke.."

hope everyone had a great week...saturday I will be walking for my masters..tuesday I start my new job!


RunTX said...

Sorry to hear that you didn't do as well as expected in the race. Congrats on your masters! I leave for Oklahoma early Thursday morning to walk for my masters as well. So, what is your masters in and what type of work will you be doing?

Jesse Armijo said...

Even though you didn't get a good time or an award, you still ran hard. Congrats on your masters degree, and keep up the running! Marathon in the near future...?