Friday, April 3, 2009

2 Halfs, 2 weeks, 2 2nd place finishes, No New Orleans this weekend..

AM:9miles in 65min w/ 4X20sec strides during last mile
PM:20min jog (why, because I was bored...)

Finally, here are the results from knoxville:
So I didnt really want to drive the 5 hours to New Orleans this weekend. I am not to tired from Germantown and Knoxville, but those were both fabulous performances for me and I just dont want to end up hurt in a the last two years. I think this year I want to make it to Canadian National Cross, everything I do must be about that race. I want to finish on a good note before I get pregnant...or swith to the marathon...because that seems to be the direction I am heading.

I am trying to get into the Nashville country music half marathon on the 25th, I am going to forgo running the mississippi race series and focus on some bigger races and running some fast times.
I may not make as much oney on the roads this year...but Im going to have a real job again in a few weeks, so none of that really matters any more. This is the way I would rather do it. I think.

I just hope that race is won in sub 17 so I am not mad I didnt go.

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