Wednesday, March 11, 2009


AM: 3miles
PM:2.5 mile w/u
3miles at half marathon pace (6:11,6:18,6:12 for 18:41)
2miles at between half and 10k pace (5:53, 5:55 for 11:48)
1 Mile at 10k pace (5:46...crazy windy on the way back)
1.5 mile c c/d

This workout sucked. It was not hard, it did not hurt, I was just in a terrible mood because my leg started to lose coordination the last 6 years of my life. I thought this would be the year that I didnt have to deal with it. I just completed a 10 mile tempo and had no problem. I am just pissed off. I am going to get a referral for an orthopedist. I dont want to go through this again. Not looking forward to racing through this crap all year.

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