Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rhodes and mile Repeats

Am:12min jog before departing extremely early
Mid AM: 2mile w/u, 2mile c/d 3x 1 mile on road course (at Rhodes meet)5min rest
5:28, 5:20, 5:27

Im going to go ahead and say I was happy with this workout.Not my best but for this early in the year plan, I think its a good spot. The miles were out and back, and mile 2 was much faster than mile 1 and 3, I am not sure if it was effort or the hill but I have not run anything pure VO2 yet...except for bulldog miles and the other mile workout I did a few weeks back, so I am still thinking I am about where I need to be. Last time I did 5x a mile I think I averaged about 5:38, and ran my 2 mile tempo at 5:32 pace. The goal is to run the 2 mile at 5k pace, which would be about 5:22-5:24 pace. Seeing as I have only really been doing tempos and half marathon/10k stuff, I pretty sure that will happen sooner than later.
I just looked over and saw that my husband just fell asleep watching Jon and Kate +8 so I am putting him to bed.
Meet went well..I will post later. I think we have put in a 14 hrs of driving in 2 days.

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