Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Monday: AM:46minutes very very slow and easy, weights, abs
Tuesday: AM: 30min very easy PM:40 minutes very easy
Wednesday: AM:60min easy

I am busy this week writing my paper on commercialization in track and field. If anyone has any ideas, articles, papers that would help this process, I would very much appreciate the help.
Today is the only work day of the week, so I had to get up a little after 5:30 to get my hour run in. NOtice I said hour...not 81/2 miler...because I am still pretty sore from the half, probably because my hip cramped for over half the race. Tomorrow I am suppose to have a light fartlek and I plan on running it very relaxed. I had a little more pop in my legs today which is a pretty good sign.

I had a pretty hard time getting up this morning, which is funny because I get up every monday at 4:30 am to get my long run in. Also, on race day it is sometimes much earlier than that. You would think I would be used to it by now. Mondays are the biggest thing I have changed this year versus years previous. Yes I run less miles, take my easy days easier, and I do less workouts, but on the flip side of that, my workouts are much more intense. During my long runs, I may bot be running as far or as long as I did in the past (2-2:10) but I am running faster for less time. I said earlier this year that I wanted to get my long runs down to 6:45 pace. I am actually almost there. Last weekes run was pretty short, only 13, but over 10 of it was at 6:49 pace. I am excited to run faster.

As for the hip, well it has not stopped me from running a PR. My goal for the half this year is to break 1:22 on a big course. Probably not Knoxville but maybe something later in the year. I have only races a half marathon 3 times, and have pr'd every time. So I hope that if I run two-three more this year, one of them will be faster than Germantown.

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