Friday, March 13, 2009

Rain and Sour Attitudes

Thrursday: AM:4miles PM:5miles (no GPS)
Friday: 64:42 (9.00 miles)
Saturday: 42min (6miles) +5min of strides on the turf room

Felt fine today but its pouring rain (felt good) and I am still pissed off about my hip. My first mile was 7:47 and I started throwing a fit, blaming it on the inconsiderate drivers.....there are alot of those here, or maybe its just the fact that its shocking for them to see someone out running (MS is the fattest state now, with 30% obesity rate). In my opinion there needs to be more people out running...and less drivers

There for I told myself that my slow mile was lack of effort, and proceeded to run a 6:53 before I calmed down and told myself its not worth freaking out over. My first mile is always terribly slow.

Im still in a terrible mood over my leg loosing coordination on wednesday. I am contemplating dropping out of Knoxville but I am going to run Germantown to see if I can survive it or not.

My messed up hips is bringing me down and I am taking it out on the world.

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