Thursday, March 5, 2009

Midweek Workout-Ackerman this Saturday

Tuesday: AM:3miles PM:6miles (recovery)
Wednesday: AM:30min PM:15min w/u, 20min c/d workout: 3X (1200m,200m,200m) (was suppose to be 4 but Houston got concerned with how much work I have in my legs and never let me finish #4) (405,37,37)(402,38,37)(356,38,35)

This week has not been to hard yet. I have a workout saturday that is relavely short as well. I am racing in 10 days so I guess we are kind of trying to get some of the crap out of my legs. Though I am still coming back from injury, this miledge does not bother me (possibly because I cross trained like crazy so that I could come back quickly) and I dont feel like I am that tired, at least right now. Last week I dug deep in the bulldog miles, because many of the 800's I was doing the uphill segments with wind right in my face. Yesterdays workout was not very hard, but my calves cramped up from the 200's, I just havent done anything at mile pace for a long time.

Houston's men are in florida for their first outdoor meet of the year, the womens team is at home this weekend. I will be taking them out to Ackerman for a tempo run. I would do my workout out there (its a 2.5 mile wood chip bike path around the lake) but it would probably not workout. Instead, I am just going to get up at the crack of dawn and do mugshots from the middle. the last two miles are always pretty fast.

Good luck to the men's team this weekend, hopefully this will serve as a nice warmup meet for many of them...although a few of them are coming off of 8:10,8:14,8:20 3000m's at kentucky a few weeks back. Must be nice.

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