Monday, March 16, 2009

HUGE PR in Germantown

2 Meggan Franks 1:23:34 STARKVILLE MS

42:12 for the 1st half (6:26.4 pace)/41:22 for the 2nd half (6:18.9 pace)

Huge huge PR this almost two minutes! I ran this race OVER two minutes faster than I did the year before (my previous pr was from knoxville last year). I am soo excited and so pleased, especially given the fact that I thought I was going to have to drop out a 5 miles because my hip was so tight I could hardly move. I just stayed patient and tried not to freak out. In between mile 5 and 6 the course entered the park where I knew from running this race in the past that I could get a little bit more motion in my hip...we also switched direction which helped.

At half way, I was running 1:24 pace, so I knew when I hit the carpet (marking the middle of the race) I had alot of work to do. It was about that time I heard 3rd place breathing behind me....and I decided it was time to make things hard. Then, almost immediatly, a young gentleman shot by me, so I thought I split second about latching on....and I just went with it. The first few miles I felt like I was going to passout, but I trusted my fitness and took some deep breaths every now and then to sound like I was not working as hard as I was. He was running 6:10-6:19 pace, which was what I wanted to run....and was suppose to be running. I tried to give my self, just one more mile, and 9,10,11 went by and I just kept digging and spitting all over myself. It wasnt before I got to mile 12 that I thought I was going to passout ...just one more mile became "just one more minute".
I ran a huge negative split, but the 4 miles in the beginning that my hip cramped up costed me a minute. Therefore I know I can run 1:22, I just need to fix this stupid hip.
Its nice to know I've got a good race in me still.
Two weeks of training, and I will be heading to KNoxville. This year, I am not expecting to PR, Knoxville is a very hard course and Im just going to enjoy it and survive.

Sunday: AM:2mile w/u, 13m.1mile race (1:23) 3mile c/d for an 18mile day
Week Total: 74.5 miles for the week.

(To much for me, and I tried to keep it low.)


Loren said...

You are incredible! It was so great to witness that PR! Great job again!

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Antonio Molina said...

GREAT work!!!


good pay too!!!