Monday, March 9, 2009

Early Morning LR

AM: 1:23:47 (12.08 miles on the GPS, 10 @6:49 avg.)+ 1mile jog on the fields to make 13 (just so I could record at least 90min) Felt SOO short.

Today was a great run. I only had 12 miles on the schedule (considerably short than what I have been used to), so after two easy miles we got right into it. We threw a 6:36 in there and a bunch of 6:45's. On south farm thats a pretty good run because its extremely hilly.

All in all I felt awesome, I just loved it! Simone was with me today so it kept the running feeling short and really helped keep the pace up.

It was dark when we started, dark when we finished. Kept falling all over the place because of all the gravel and it being pitch black and all. Run was rather short because of the half on sunday. Getting pretty excited!!

Oh, by the way, Matt Cameron ran 3:45 at north florida for his first race of the year (besides the 8:10 indoors unattached) for well under the regional qualifying mark...nice job Matt. Recap is available at

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