Friday, March 20, 2009

Dreaded day comes to a close...

Thursday:AM:30min 4 PM:51min w/1,2,3,4,4,3,2,1 min hard & 1/2 jog@5:30-6:00pace(GPS)7
Friday:AM:60min (8.0 miles :() PM:20min (no GPS-2.5)

My legs are destroyed. Thursday was the worst I have felt since the injury, I have come down with my monthly bout of weakness syndrome and felt absolutely awful. The pace was fine, but it felt way to difficult and I had to practically walk to get my heart rate down to a controllable level before I started the next interval- hence thats why I oly ran 7 in 51 minutes. It was hot, I was miserable, sore, tight, and feeling sorry for myself.

Friday was a different story. First of all, my Zune decided to up and die the night before so I was a little hesitant to walk out the door with out my tunes this morning. And if it was not for my little garmin I would have recorded a 7:00ish effort, but after a whole string of 7:30's I really had to try and push it to get the pace down. I think mile 4 I hit a 7:05, but I fell asleep again and ran a few more 7:30's before my finaly mile, I managed a 7:15. I think its probably just my body creaming for a recovery day. I eventually just felt it wasnt worth battling my legs for a less than adequate 10 mile run. Besides, the hour was ungodly, like 5:00am, and I was just not feeling it. This is going to be the year that I dont become extremely over trained. I told my self I am not battling miles, I am not counting weeks, and I am not running to many workouts.
And then I went out in the afternoon and ran a junk 20minutes. Oh well, It felt good on the legs, and my Husband was going out to the trace.

We had a load of family things to take care of today. Alot of really delicate and sad stuff that I would rather not mention. My mood has been terrible all week, but as I am sitting here tonite, all what was needed to be done today is finally over and we all managed to do it just fine. After all that, I only managed to loose my cool once this week (sorry Mr.Radio Shack).

Tomorrow is the Rhodes invitational. Not a big meet but I chance for our team to step down and race some stuff out of the ordinary. I know that Simone is coming off back to back hard days so it should be interesting to see what that tough nut can handle. Loren is also set up to run a good 1500 (i think) and a few others that I am interested in watching. We are in tupelo for the night, so we leave out pretty early again. Looking forward to watching some track and field. I know my Husband is getting pretty antsy.

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