Monday, March 23, 2009

Counting down the days..

Sunday:AM:46min relaxed (6miles) PM:warmup+cooldown W/ M.E. (8 total)
Monday: AM:1:32:14 (13.2 miles) relaxed (13 in 1:31:17)on south farm
Tuesday: AM:30min bike abs, back (had to read a paper for class) PM:45min easy run

Monday's long run was much more relaxed than I have been running them. After a mile and a half of wake up miles, we settled into a consistent pace around 6:50-7:00min. Felt good. I will be alot more rested for wednesdays race prep workout. Not sure what I will do yet but I gave Houston a suggestion and he was pretty open to it...and why not, Im level 1 certified, I know how this stuff works. Right?

Back to work.

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