Saturday, February 28, 2009

PR for 10 Miles

AM: 10mile relaex tempo at 61:50 (notice it said relaxed). It is very hard to understand that tempo should be relaxed and progressive, when all through college every tempo run was considered a time trial. Today was probably my PR for 10miles, at least that was recorded and on a measured course, I have done a few 8 milers at 47:30 ish but that was a few years back. I am pretty happy, as I have had less than 6 weeks of workouts post injury.
tomorrow will be a jog at snail pace. This was by far the easier workout I had this week.


Sunday:40min recovery

Total miles for the week: 70 (this is about all I can handle right now, in order to get recovered for the workouts)

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etta said...

10 miles at 61:50?! I could only dream of doing that at a "relaxed" pace. Congrats! Awesome!