Monday, February 23, 2009


Am: 15miles in 1:44:57 (13 miles at 6:44-6:55 pace according to mr.gps)
Felt very good today. After two miles at a very relaxed pace I started running 6:50 pace immediatly. I did not slow down till about 400 meters from my house when I got a massive cramp in my back and just jogged in. That would have been a pretty impressive mile so it did not kill my pace.
I tried to think of it like this, I had about 64 seconds to shed after the first two miles, and I just ran relaxed and what felt like a solid effort. I am still working on trying to get my long runs down to 6:45 pace. Hopefully that will come soon.

As for last week, well saturdays 6 mile tempo turned out to be 5 miles because my hamstring started cramping up pretty bad after 4. Sunday, I just jogged a few miles before I worked out with ME (she had 3X500, 3X300, 3X200, 3X100 at her goal 800m pace, it was a pretty good workout for her, I was glad I could help her out. I had to give myself some credit for hitting all her intervals on her exact pace. I even let her sit down for a second or two after the 500's and the 300's because she said "I would rather drink gatorade sitting down." She is so cute, I bet she will kill her goals I gave her at the beginning of the year.

Anyways, I was about 70-71 miles last week, which is OK (I thought I was not going to count numbers this year). But I really would rather be up around 75. If I start to feel good by wednesday that I will gradually increase the miledge. I have heard that wednesday is going to be pretty damn hard.

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