Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Week


week is going ok so far. I got over the weakness syndrome, but it came back yesterday during my workout. I was running 5-10k pace for my 6x1200's, but I could not bring myself to run any faster than that.
My legs hurt.

Monday: Long Run 15miles at 6:52-7:04 (for 13)
Tuesday: am:45min PM:2mile w/u + basketball game
Wednesday: AM:20min PM:2m w/u, 2m c/d, 6x1200m at 5-10k pace
Thursday: AM:55min + strides in the turf room, drills (Houston made me) PM: 30min + weights and abs (my legs are killing me know).
Friday: AM: 71min run, stretch + 2 hr nap before work
Saturday: Planned 6 mile tempo (5:55-6:05 pace) + 200m strides
Sunday: recovery run of about 6-8miles
~72-73miles (thats enough for now. I am pretty tired)

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