Friday, February 13, 2009


I'm trying to stop eatting so much cake so I dont have to by a new race siglet....the wine and chocolate chips are not helping~

I think this may be my favorite time of year, in terms of running. I have had to LONG layoff's since college, well three if you count the time I dabbled in triathlon training for a while, and every year between jan 1 and about the middle of march I am basically getting myself back into racing shape. For the first 6-8 weeks I feel like I get fitter everyday, my "regular" running pace drops significantly, my tempo runs improve by minutes, my intervals by a good 10-20 seconds. It feels good right now.
I am running a half marathon in germantown in the middle of march. I am then heading to Knoxville two weeks later to run another half, then New Orleans, then the Mississippi Race series, and the rest....I cant really remember that far.

Training for the last week....
Well I have come to realise that I run all my runs at around 7min pace which is nice. A few weeks ago, I fought everyday with my GPS because I was sure it was "miscalculating" my pace, there was no way I was going as slow as it said.... and some of the girls on the team were a bit sceptical.
Now, I truely believe it is quite accuract (only because it says I am running what I think I am running) I mean...with in 17-21m accurate. thats good.

Im still getting into shape from injury so I am planning on getting my long runs down to 6:45 pace. I am sure that will come..

Monday: 14miles (12 at 7:00-7:10pace)

Tuesday: AM: 6miles wieghts, abs

Wednesday: AM: 2 mile shake out PM:1.5mile w/u & c/d, 8x1000m on the fields at 5-10k pace
40+ mile an hour head winds did not help my pace any.

Thursday: AM:7miles PM:4miles

Friday: 9 miles (7:00-7:15 pace)

Saturday: Planned 8-10mile tempo run

Sunday: planned 8-10 mile run

Still trying to get my miledge up, this week will be just short of 70

The women's team is heading to Tyson this weekend. A few of them had pretty good performances last week, Simone ran 10:10 in the 3k and Lauren ran 10:31 or so, which was a huge PR for her. Some of the men ran unattached in the 3k, Matt was 8:10, Scrib was 8:14, and Adam was 8:22. The 3k was awesome to watch on both sides, everyone really went for it.

Coaches 800m group has been having some pretty good workouts lately, so I think a few of them are about to post some fast times. Cant wait for that. Getting really excited for outdoor to start though.


Joy said...

Awesome, you have a blog! Your running is going great I see, which is fantabulous! I see you a good bit when I'm driving to class running super-fly.

Joy said...

I would love to run with you ladies sometime! I'm very slow now, which is sad, but I'd like to be fast again! Let me know what days ya'll have easy days and I'll try to keep up!