Tuesday, February 17, 2009

3 Weeks Out.....

Week is starting off ok, I was really sick sunday night..dry heaving... and went to sleep at like 6pm...missed basketball..got up at 4am to meet the girls for a 15 miler after pounding out a couple of gatorades because I did not eat dinner the night before. My stomach was sloshing so bad.

The 15 miler went pretty well, after a mile we were 7:04-6:52 (according to Mr. GPS) pace the whole way, and on the back side of south farm that is saying alot (for me).

I have had a fever the last few days so I am not feeling to hot right now, just wimp syndrome probably.
The women were at Tyson this last weekend. I was extremely pleased about the women's distance races. Lauren ran a PR in the 5k of 18:27 (this is huge! I cannot believe the improvement of this girl) and Simone ran a 10:07 3k. It was not a PR for her, but she is running progressively faster this season. Conference should be good for her.

3 weeks I am home and then I am off to my first half marathon of the year. I cannot wait to get racing again.

Saturday: 2mile w/u 2mile c/d 8miles at relaxed tempo (half marathon pace) 49:31
Sunday: AM:6 miles relaxed PM: w/u and c/d with M.E
Monday: AM: 15miles with the girls team (7:04-6:52 pace for 13)
Tuesday: AM: 45minutes relaxed PM: planned easy run + b-ball game (seriously)

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