Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2009 schedule and what did we learn in 08?

I have finally been training up till the point that I will feel confident racing in about 6 weeks. I currently have two races on my schedule, in about the middle of march I will start racing again. I am so excited, I have high hopes for this year, being that I was out for 7 months before last years races. This year, I did have a lay off but only four months, I reallly feel that I have bounced back. I am tougher than I have ever been....well at least since I was a freshman. The things I did as a freshman are beyond me.

Anyways, things I have to focus on in 2009 now that 08 is over.
1. Start strength early and be consistent. Everyyear I am out with an injury and becoming stronger will help that.
2. Dont run as much. Seriously, I am tired of being hurt. My body does not want to run 80miles a week, I am not invincible. I am going to work on getting in what I need and resting more. Maybe this will help some of my fatigue and keep me from losing to much weight in the middle of the season.
3. Know when to win, and when to run a fast time. I race alot and I need to really try and gauge intensity more often.
4. Be happy I am out there doing it, and anytime I get bored or tired or am hurting really bad during a workout, remember what its like to do two hours of intervals in a pool wearing a water vest and strapped to the wall.

So far this week has started off better than the last.
Monday: AM: 1hr 40min run (100minutes)
Tuesday: 64 min run (7:45-7:15 pace)
Wednesday: 5x1mile with 3 min rest on north farm 5:38, 5:27, 5:45, 5:50, 5:39
** it was freakin 30mile an hour winds on 3 and 4 just awful. North farm is thick gravel in alot of places so its not particularly fast, but its better than running in cirles....its just one big circle.
Thursday: Planned two rcovery runs 9-10miles totatl
Friday: planned one run on 8-9 miles
Saturday: planned tempo
Sunday:nothing hard, maybe nothing at all. seems to be working for me.

My hamstring is acting up but the doc gave me a dose pack so I will see if that helps.

I am going to Kentucky this weekend to watch the girls run. I am so excited!!

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