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PR for 10 Miles

AM: 10mile relaex tempo at 61:50 (notice it said relaxed). It is very hard to understand that tempo should be relaxed and progressive, when all through college every tempo run was considered a time trial. Today was probably my PR for 10miles, at least that was recorded and on a measured course, I have done a few 8 milers at 47:30 ish but that was a few years back. I am pretty happy, as I have had less than 6 weeks of workouts post injury.
tomorrow will be a jog at snail pace. This was by far the easier workout I had this week.


Sunday:40min recovery

Total miles for the week: 70 (this is about all I can handle right now, in order to get recovered for the workouts)

Cramping & Warm Leg Syndrome?What??

This post is pretty boring so I apologize in advance....

Monday:Am: 15miles in 1:44:57 (13 miles at 6:44-6:55 pace according to mr.gps)
Tuesday: AM:20min
PM:40min, weights
Wednesday: AM: 66min (9miles)
Thursday: AM:20min (hurting soo bad after driving to and from nashville on wednesday, 11hrs in the car)
PM:2mile w/u&c/d Bulldog miles (4x300m, 2x800m, 1x1600m, 2x800m, 4x300m)
the 300's are suppose to be 400's but it was extremely windy and I just wanted one workout where I didnt have to battle it the whole time. ran the 1st 300s at what was suppose to be the pace i ran the workout, but I ended up gutting throught it pretty well and ran alot faster. After the mile, Houston actually walked up to me and said "where did that come from...5:16 ??thats not current 5k pace!." seriously, I have not done any thing faster than 10k pace in like, 7 months. All the 800's and the mile were on mugshots, with hills and wind. so i was pretty happy with the results...all over the plac…


Am: 15miles in 1:44:57 (13 miles at 6:44-6:55 pace according to mr.gps)
Felt very good today. After two miles at a very relaxed pace I started running 6:50 pace immediatly. I did not slow down till about 400 meters from my house when I got a massive cramp in my back and just jogged in. That would have been a pretty impressive mile so it did not kill my pace.
I tried to think of it like this, I had about 64 seconds to shed after the first two miles, and I just ran relaxed and what felt like a solid effort. I am still working on trying to get my long runs down to 6:45 pace. Hopefully that will come soon.

As for last week, well saturdays 6 mile tempo turned out to be 5 miles because my hamstring started cramping up pretty bad after 4. Sunday, I just jogged a few miles before I worked out with ME (she had 3X500, 3X300, 3X200, 3X100 at her goal 800m pace, it was a pretty good workout for her, I was glad I could help her out. I had to give myself some credit for hitting all her intervals on he…

My Week


week is going ok so far. I got over the weakness syndrome, but it came back yesterday during my workout. I was running 5-10k pace for my 6x1200's, but I could not bring myself to run any faster than that.
My legs hurt.

Monday: Long Run 15miles at 6:52-7:04 (for 13)
Tuesday: am:45min PM:2mile w/u + basketball game
Wednesday: AM:20min PM:2m w/u, 2m c/d, 6x1200m at 5-10k pace
Thursday: AM:55min + strides in the turf room, drills (Houston made me) PM: 30min + weights and abs (my legs are killing me know).
Friday: AM: 71min run, stretch + 2 hr nap before work
Saturday: Planned 6 mile tempo (5:55-6:05 pace) + 200m strides
Sunday: recovery run of about 6-8miles
~72-73miles (thats enough for now. I am pretty tired)

3 Weeks Out.....

Week is starting off ok, I was really sick sunday night..dry heaving... and went to sleep at like 6pm...missed up at 4am to meet the girls for a 15 miler after pounding out a couple of gatorades because I did not eat dinner the night before. My stomach was sloshing so bad.

The 15 miler went pretty well, after a mile we were 7:04-6:52 (according to Mr. GPS) pace the whole way, and on the back side of south farm that is saying alot (for me).
I have had a fever the last few days so I am not feeling to hot right now, just wimp syndrome probably. The women were at Tyson this last weekend. I was extremely pleased about the women's distance races. Lauren ran a PR in the 5k of 18:27 (this is huge! I cannot believe the improvement of this girl) and Simone ran a 10:07 3k. It was not a PR for her, but she is running progressively faster this season. Conference should be good for her.
3 weeks I am home and then I am off to my first half marathon of the year. I cannot wait to get …


All I have ate this weekend are doritos, cake and chocolate chips.
Really terrible. I am going to pretend like this last few days never happened.

Ran really easy today, like 45 minutes (yesterdays tempo was about 6:13 pace for 8, which was surpirisingly easy and relaxed but my hamstring is on fire now) plus I have the meet ME at 2:00pm for her workout...and basketball practice at 7:00pm.
So maybe I will have chance to work off all that spinach dip that I forgot I polished off this morning.



I'm trying to stop eatting so much cake so I dont have to by a new race siglet....the wine and chocolate chips are not helping~

I think this may be my favorite time of year, in terms of running. I have had to LONG layoff's since college, well three if you count the time I dabbled in triathlon training for a while, and every year between jan 1 and about the middle of march I am basically getting myself back into racing shape. For the first 6-8 weeks I feel like I get fitter everyday, my "regular" running pace drops significantly, my tempo runs improve by minutes, my intervals by a good 10-20 seconds. It feels good right now.
I am running a half marathon in germantown in the middle of march. I am then heading to Knoxville two weeks later to run another half, then New Orleans, then the Mississippi Race series, and the rest....I cant really remember that far.

Training for the last week....
Well I have come to realise that I run all my runs at around 7min pace which is nice. …

2009 schedule and what did we learn in 08?

I have finally been training up till the point that I will feel confident racing in about 6 weeks. I currently have two races on my schedule, in about the middle of march I will start racing again. I am so excited, I have high hopes for this year, being that I was out for 7 months before last years races. This year, I did have a lay off but only four months, I reallly feel that I have bounced back. I am tougher than I have ever been....well at least since I was a freshman. The things I did as a freshman are beyond me.

Anyways, things I have to focus on in 2009 now that 08 is over.
1. Start strength early and be consistent. Everyyear I am out with an injury and becoming stronger will help that.
2. Dont run as much. Seriously, I am tired of being hurt. My body does not want to run 80miles a week, I am not invincible. I am going to work on getting in what I need and resting more. Maybe this will help some of my fatigue and keep me from losing to much weight in the middle of the season.
3. Kn…