Thursday, January 15, 2009

Xbox and workouts

training updated--
Not to much this week...havent been motivated to do anything related to school. Ive been to busy playing Fallout 3 to give a crap about school. Ive also been looking for a job, and with the economy so bad. nothings look up so far.

As for running, Ive been doing a decent amount of that. I plan to get up to 60miles this week. My achilles is a little sore from a relatively easy workout I did this afternoon so I am not sure if I will make the miledge this week. I am trying to be careful, but Im stubborn and not very smart unfortunately.

The womens team as a 1000m, 4mile, 1000m workout on saturday. I plan on running it with them but I am not sure how much help I will be...probably none because I am not in shape yet.

Monday: 70min with 5X 6min HARD, 6min easy
Tuesday: AM: 54min ( 7:35-7:00min pace)
Wednesday: AM: 40min PM:35 min (7:15-6:45pace)
Thursday: AM:30min PM:45min with 30min of 2min hard, 1 min easy
Friday: PM: 55min run
Saturday: warmup, 4mile tempo with Simone (24:06 on mugshots, about 6:01.5 pace), cool down, lots of ice......
Sunday: Planned hour run

Miles for the week: planned at 60+or-

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