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Garmin 305 review

Ok, I have not been able to use my GPS because of my injury (really did not care to see how fast I was running) but the last few days I have been wearing it regularly. Basically, its pretty accurate, but only if you are the farms on the roads. We have miles of windy trails about a mile from the track, and it does not work very well on that.
The heart rate monitor works pretty well, I have not worked much with the zones or anything yet, I dont really care for that kind of stuff. few other things I figured out

-the distance/pace function works better if you set it to automatically lap every mile, versus getting the average pace for the entire run (especially if you are doing a tempo, and the first two miles are for warm up)
-dont expect acurate readings on windy and heavily forested trails.
-Carry a watch on your other wrist just in case you forget to charge the batteries
-HRM does not work underwater (bummer)
-set the smoothing option to least amount of smoothing, if you are a crazy pace monitor like me.
-dont forget to change the time zones when you travel

I have read a few concerns about the elevation calcualtions on the 305, but I took my watch with me to Calgary,AB and got fairly acurate readings for elevation. I have started using the training tool that comes with the 305, however I have since downloaded a new program recommended by users called Sportstrack.

Today we ran about 10.5 miles, in 1:19, which I felt was pretty accurate, felt about 7:30 pace most of the way. (longest run since injury).

FYI- if you do purchase a garmin, find it on google checkout or amazon. I know that Houston got mine for less than $200 USD.



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