Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back from Canada

Houston and I are now back to work after 2 and a half weeks of visiting family in Tupelo, Calgary, Athabasca, and then my sisters wedding in Banff. It was a great trip, but we were both exhausted when we arrived at home sunday night (after waking up at 3am driving to calgary and waiting in line for 2 and a half hours before departing) I hate flying all day. We got home around 9pm, and Houston refused to let me run because it was storming terribly. So I did not run that day.
As for running, well -33 C reallu does a number on the body. I caught a terrible sinus infection about a day into my Canada trip...and then another cold after arriving in starkville. I ran through the sinus infection, but it wore me out. The cold air actually felt pretty good on the lungs, and helped clear up some of my congestion. Tha altitude, not so much. I did not wear my GPS because I was having a really hard time running in 2 feet of snow. For some reason, in calgary, the do not clear the streets so everyday was a little bit of an adventure.

I still have yet to start workouts, but I have been uping my miledge and being extremely careful with my calf.
The pictures are of Houston sledding at my mothers house in Athabasca, and of my sisters Bridal Shower in Banff.

Monday: hour run
Tuesday: AM 37min PM 34min
Wednesday: AM: 60min with the girls PM: 20min bike and weights
Thursday: AM:26min easy PM:42min (little bit tight)
Friday:AM:40min with Houston PM: 40min elliptical
Saturday: Planned 75 min run
Sunday: Planned 45-55min
Total miles for the week will be about 56. still working my way up.

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Jesse Armijo said...

Canada looks beautiful! I hope the running goes well in the near future. Good luck!