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Makes everything so so good.

Had a lovely weekend with the B and the Husband.

Monday: 8miles
Tuesday: 50min
Wednesday: 50min
Thursday: 1 mile in 5:39, 1.4 miles at 6:30pace, 1200m in 4:12, 1.4 mile at 6:30 pace, 800m in 2:24, 1.4 mile at 6:30 pace, 400m in 77-78
Friday: 8miles
Saturday: 12.5 miles in 1:25
Sunday:3miles/3miles, weights and abs

It's merely just...Running....

OK so here I am a little MIA on the blog. I can say I am busy, stressed with work, and tired. And yes, all these things are true---but- the real reason why I just have not been bloggin lately..

Is because the running thing is not that important right now.

Dont get me wrong, I am still up 2 hours before early every morning (4-4:15, 4:30 if I am lucky) getting my run in, 7-9 miles, sometimes more. Always with friends, never alone.
So on thursdays, I do not have a running I don't run.

Sometimes, If I miss a morning session I go to snap fitness and...gasp! on the treadmill so I don't miss my afternoon line up of good T.V. So, am I now considered a hobby jogger?

Well, a week or so ago, there was this rumor around that i was "sorta out of shape". I know right? Well, maybe I started the rumor...possibly..but this week I had a kick ass workout with Micah and Elizabeth on mugshots (we dropped some 5:35 miles and some 2:37's for the 800's). A workout like t…


Suffered from a bad case of fatigue lately, but still had a good workout and long run last week. Houston and I had a good run with a triathlete friend of Micah and Kelly's on Saturday. Ohhh it was so nice to get bread, I think I dream about the bread all week.

we had a solid 15miles at 7:01 pace saturday,
8-9miles with my 2 coaching sessions sunday
monday was an hour
tuesday was an hour
wednesday will be a tempo of some sort.

Really nothing fabulous about the previous two weeks. We had a really good workout last wednesday , 2 miles at 6:18, then 6:00, and a 5:45 to finish it off but nothing that we have not done, and nothing special.

B-man had surgery today. He is so tired now. I was so worried about him at work today. Love my little man..

Check out my new twitter article from work. I thought it was kinda cute, no? Tweet. Tweet. haha.


Turning in my Launch by Brooks :(

So the wear testing period has ended, and I have to give my shoes back to brooks. Loved wear testing the launch, hope they found me suitable for another...

Sunday: 9 miles total (5+4) = strides
Monday: AM: 9.5 miles (70min)
Tuesday: AM: 8miles (59min)
Wednesday: AM: alternating 1 mile at 85%, 1 mile at 60% for 8 miles (6:04, 6:14, 5:50, 6:15), easy miles at7:30 ish), for 10 miles

why is it that every sleep in day (aka thursday) I have to go and make plans...

Huntsville Marathon Training Week 2

Saturday: 20.5 miles in 2:23
Monday: 10.5 miles, 73min
Tuesday: 8-9miles, 7:20 pace
Wednesday: 2X20min at tempo, 9miles
Thursday: 20min easy (worked late, no afternoon run)
Friday: 8.3 miles, 57min
Saturday: 11miles relaxed

Sunday: 9-9.5 miles (68)
Monday: AM: 10.5 miles, 72min
Tuesday: AM: 8.8 miles, 64min
Wednesday: AM: 8min, 6min, 4min, 2min, 8min hard w/2min recovery jog in between. first 8min at 6:15 pace, the rest of the workout at around 5:40pace, 9 miles

another big run on saturday, gotta prepare.

20.5 miles in 2:23

Good run today. Got talked into running 20 and a half. longest run of my life.
Not sure what i am going to do about this running thing, but I am going to keep enjoying training with my friends.

16 miles in 1:52, maybe a race on saturday....

Again, MIA on the blog. Thats life.

Running is going pretty good, I am not running alot of miledge just running pretty hard. My husband and I have just bought a house, and work is rolling right along. I will try to sit down and write a good training post, but I just have alot going on right now.

Not sure when and what I am going to race soon, I am just content doing what I am doing now.


Nothing Good

I havent been running much just with the group, just enough to stay in shape. I hurt my calf last week when Houston and I went to Comox B.C to visit my sisters new baby (yes I am an aunt!) and I havent done to much since then.

I think its about time I start training hard again. I just dont wnat to end up hurt, like last year.

I think it is important to lay low for a while.

In other news, Houston and I are buying a house! and the three of us (Houston, Me, and Buster) and planning on moving very soon. I am so excited, cannot wait!

Not much miledge but some good runs

Friday: AM: 8 miles in 56 w/ Nathan, Micah, Simone
Saturday: AM:12miles w/ Boardtown (good for about 6 miles of it, lol.)
Sunday: AM:40min w/ M.E
Monday:AM: 8.8 miles in 60min (around 6:40- 6:50pace) w/ Nathan and Micah
Tuesday: AM: 45min with Kelly (6+ miles, probably 7:00 pace)
Wednesday: AM:w/u, 5mile hilly loop in 30:10, c/d w/ Nathan & Micah
Thursday: 30min easy
Friday: 8miles in 54:02 w/ Nathan & Micah

It was 117 degrees on the black top today. Lol. I remember looking at the walgreens sign reading 100 degrees, 110 percent humidity. Its like running in soup. But we love getting up at 4:15 to stay out of the heat...right?

MIA on the blog...been busy with life!

Well since my last post I have joined a new running group, bought a dog ( a Morkie named Buster) gone head first into my new job, raced a half marathon, and reduced my miledge a good bit.

This new group I train with runs at 4:45am mon,wed,fri and 6:30 on saturdays. We also meet tuesdays at 5:15. Because I typically dont come home from work till after six, I rarely run in the afternoons now. Whats the point? I am not training for anything big except for a couple of 5k's late in the summer.

Problem is, my long runs are now with the boardtown group, and we usually take long water breaks which I am having trouble getting used to. Yes, my pace has been getting down to around 6:45 per mile on my regular run days, and can drop down to 6:30 on my long runs for quite anumber of miles--- but I havent been able to do more than one workout and a hard long run per week because the change in training has been so hard to get used to.

I really have enough time to get 10 miles in most mornings, but i…

4:45 AM with the Boardtown Group

Tuesday:AM:40min PM:30min
Wednesday:AM: 1.5m w/u, 1.5 m c/d 5x1mile hard w/ 2min jog btwn (5:45-5:50 effort)(9)

I missed all the miles but 2, because I was wearing my garmin and I kept pressing stop instead of lap. Must have been because it was 4:45 in the freakin

I really enjoyed it, its about time I sucked it up and got a workout in. Whats all this crap about being over fatigued and maybe anemic..blah blah blah. I felt fine today.

Memorial Weekend

Sunday: 8 miles with Houston in 56:45
Monday: AM:30min w/u, 10min c/d 3X8min hard w/60-90rest (9)

Still running terrible. This morning i wok eup to rain, again, so the humidity was triple digits. It was awful. I dont know if its the weather, or the fact that I have lost a bunch of weight lately. Houston seems to think its the combination of both. Im going to really try and eat a bit more the next few days, I really have tried. I was only running my 8min sections at 6:30 pace, but it felt like an all out effort. A few weeks ago I could run 10miles below 6:10 pace. I do not understand what is going on.
If it continues all through this week, I am going to get a blood test to check my iron levels. It doesnt make sense that such a major reduction in training volume brings so much fatigue and the inablility to run.

Vacation training..or lack of...

Saturday: AM: 55:50 for 8miles (relaxed+progressive)
8:00, 7:15, 7:05, 6:53, 6:50, 6:46, 6:40, 6:20
Sunday: AM: 70min easy at 4500 FT and HILLY
Monday: PM: 29min (4miles w/ Houston)
Tuesday: AM: 56:30 for 8.02 miles (1st mile 8:00, last 3 miles were 6:45)

I am started to feel REALLY good again. Been eatting more, drinkig lots of water, taking my vitamins. Finally got some sleep last night and I feel FABULOUS.
Told Houston that I want to jump on the training wagon ASAP. He told me to give it one more day.
Really happy that I am starting to get my legs back under me. I am actually starting to miss workouts.


Wednesday:AM:50min PM:21min (3 miles on the rec treadmill)
Thursday:AM:20min w/u 27min c/d 5x 1 mile, 5:49, 5:30, DNF
Friday:53min relaxed

I dropped out of thursdays workout. I was tired from getting up at 5am or earlier for the last two weeks and I just couldnt get my legs going. I also got a massive chest cramp that took me to the ground a few meters from the finish of the second mile. I decided that I should probably just relax and take a few days to get my act together.
I have a few races left to run this summer, but the only one I really have to run is june 13th. As long as I can keep up with my long runs and one workout, I should be ok. I am just not into it right now and I am exhausted all the time running. I have lost a bunch of wieght these last three weeks..even with a reduction in my training load. I need to reach some sort of balance between time with my husband, my job, and my running..

On vacation until end of sunday. Not to concerned about miledge, just trying to get at leas…

April showers bring may...well its not sunshine, thats for sure

Saturday: AM: 21min warmup/20min cooldown, 10k race in (ahem...)
Sunday: PM: 60min easy on southfarm
Monday: AM: 1hr 39min for 14 miles (7:04 pace)pouring rain and thunderstorms..
Tuesday: AM:2 mile jog Pm:40min run

Saturday was a terrible experience. I went out not to fast, 5:48 at the mile which was relatively conservative and just got slower from there. I know Gum Tree is not a fast course, but there is no excuse for what I ran. Really, it was not a terrible day, I had a two time olympic gold medalist out kick me at the end and only beat me by less than 15 that was ok. I am just not happy with it...the field was loaded I know but it was awful. I need to find out what oart of my training is missing...I can go through 10k faster in a half marathon than I can just racing the 10. It just doesnt make any sense.

I am jumping back on the training wagon and really hope to have a good week this week. I know Monday was not my best long run effort, but I felt so good and…

New Job First Week

Monday: AM: 1:24:58 12.0 miles
Tuesday: AM:44min PM:20min
Wednesday: AM:56min run
Thursday: AM:55min with 6x3min Hard (5:45ish effort)w/ 90sec-2min rest on mugshots
Friday: AM:30min PM: warmup+ strides (2 miles)

Did not run a whole lot this week. I started a new job and I am trying to adjust my schedule to getting to bed before 10pm and getting up before 5:30am. So far its going ok, I should be able to sneak in another 12 miles or so during the middle of the week.

Started my new job on tuesday. Really tired from the weekend. Planning on running GumTree this weekend.
Not much else to write.

MBA in hand: New job starts Tuesday!

The Picture is of one of the biggest loser contestants and myself at the Country Music Marathon
Friday:AM:50min easy
Saturday:AM: 20min w/u, 28min c/d, 2mile tempo run: 10:51.88
Sunday:AM:59min run (8.25 miles)

I have really really enjoyed this recovery week. I had a great run on sunday, and after a relaxed 2 miles, I had a hard time slowing down to run 7:00's.

Anyways, the two mile tempos went pretty well. I ran it on mugshots by myself very early (I mean warmed up by 6:00am) but HOuston did keep me company by driving beside me in his pathfinder (its nice to have such a wonderful Husband). I ran this tempo almost 15 seconds faster then last time and I felt really good the whole time.

Anyways, I walked for my Masters on Saturday, start my new job tuesday. Houston and I have been looking for a house in starkville, and he has been looking for a dog for me. I told him that I want my graduation gift to be a Morkie, so we are actively searching the state for breaders.

Next week I will pick my…

Recovery week

Wednesday:AM:53 min (7) PM:35 min
Thursday:AM: 65min w/ Simone, 4X5min Hard on south farm, 5 min runs in between

Not really motivated to train to hard this week. Walking for my Masters on Saturday and I have family in town. Figure I will get back on it next week.

3rd at Country Music (half) Marathon

Thursday:AM: 50min run
Friday:AM:40min jog, drive to Nashville for the CMMarathon
Saturday:AM: 2.5mile w/u, 13.1 mile race 1:26.01 (ouch!) for 3rd, 30min walk/jog c/d
Sunday:AM: 30min easy
Monday:AM: 35min easy
Tuesday:AM: 60min relaxed (8)

{sound of a bomb dropping}...
Well sooo country music did not go over as well as I would have liked. Before the race they kept us in corrals for like 20 minutes while the tempature progressively got hotter and the people beside me progressively got stinkier. The race was hot, miserable, and I was dead by 3 miles. I went out to hard and decided to slow down..and then I just stayed slow.

The high light of my race was when a women in 4th place caught up with me with a mile to go, and I ended up beating her by over 40 seconds...must have been a monster of a kick.

SO what did we learn...we learnt to never try to run half marathons after march in the south. We also learnt that 3 halves ina month and a half is to much, we learnt that 3 months of race prep for the …


Wednesday: AM:3miles relaxed
PM:17min w/u 12min c/d, 10min, 6min, 4min, 2min at half marathon pace
I think I was about 6:10-6:15 at the mile in the 10min segment and felt pretty good, the 6min segment was to fast, in the high 5:50's..4min was fine...2min I ran on the track instead, a 600 in 1:58. then I was spent actually.

Been sleeping alot lately. must be the weather, its getting pretty hot here...mississippi in the summer is miserable....but some reason i cant leave this place.

4 days out from Nashville

Monday: AM: 10miles in 1:10:07, w/ 4 miles at relaxed tempo in the middle (6:49, 6:41, 6:40, 6:24) went out very relaxed for the first few miles, then tried to pick up the pace after 6.
Tuesday: AM: 5omin easy run

really taking it easy this week. I am in my last 2 weeks as a student EVER as I will be graduating with my masters on May 2nd. Even though I have been finished with the MBA for a semester, I am still completing the classes for my minors in marketing and sports administration.

only 4 days away from Nashville. Getting pretty excited...starting to feel pretty good with this taperish week.


Friday: AM:50min run PM:30min run
Saturday: AM: 16min w/u, 20min c/d
6mile tempo (broken into 2X3miles w/2min recovery)
18:12, 17:27 total of 35:39 for 6 miles

felt a little sluggish for the first 3, felt much better on the second 3, but my hip was pretty tight at 4 miles. just tried to do what ever i could to keep it from locking up. Over all, it was an enjoyable workout. Simone and I ran together, it was a good change from running solo.

Sunday: pm:50min(like a snail)-guess I am trying to taper a little bit for Nashville on saturday. I dont know whats wrong with me, but I want to sleep all the time...

Bulldog Miles

Am: 2mile shakeout (because I was working out before noon)
Mid-AM: 2mile w/u 1mile c/d (ran out of time for more miles)
Bulldog miles 5k pace workout (on road-mugshots+sanderson)
4X300m w/100m jog
2x800m 90sec-2min rest
1x1609m 3min rest
2x800m w/ 90sec-2min rest
4x300m w/100m jog

60,62,60,60, 2:41, 2:41, 5:21, 2:37, 2:39, 59, 58, 58, 58

decent workout for me. The last two 800's we usually run on mugshots but there was crazy traffic and I was getting freaked out, so we went straight out on the sanderson loop. I was really nto looking forward to that, because last time I ran a workout on the sanderson loop I could not even run 6min pace (its really hilly). But, its a good workout to do to get ready for Nashville.
This workout was 20seconds faster than the last time I did it. It could have been about 25 seconds faster, if I would have run the mile alot smarter, and the last two 800's on mugshots...but I will take 20 seconds.

Nice warm day for a workout.

Mid week...not much

Monday: AM: 15miles, with the middle 11 at a nice pace.
7:33,6:46, 6:53, 6:55, 7:09, 6:46, 6:58,6:52, 6:41, 6:59, 7:10, 7:04(exited on to the track to drop simone off), the last three miles were slow and relaxed at 7:30.
Tuesday: AM: 38min easy (? forgot to start watch) PM:20min easy
Wednesday: PM: 9.5 miles in 71min (5 with Houston in 36min, 4.5 with the womens team)

Its been a busy week. I have accepted a new job that starts May 5th, and I have alot going on this week. Tryoing to reduce my miledge a little bit for Nashville next weekend.

Not much time to write...Bones is on.


Friday:AM:50min run (skipped the afternoon run)
Saturday: AM:2mile w/u 8 mile tempo on campus loop in 49:10 3mile c/d
Sunday:am:55min and stretch

Yesterdays workout was good through 6, but my hip cramped really bad on 7 and 8 and i lost cordination again and could barely get my leg to work. i was angry, but I felt like it was starting to loosen up again, and may have been alot looser on mile 9. maybe not though. I felt really good through six, so without the cramp i knew i could maintain. I have not been doing my exercises so its partly my fault. 6:01, 6:07, 6:03, 6:05, 6:11, 6:07, 6:13, 6:20

i was really suppose to do this workout at 6:15, which would be goal half marathon pace but that felt to slow. maybe if i would have stayed at 6:15 i would not have cramped up? hmm.
(the picture is SEC conference meet junior year, thats me in the Mstate with #1 as my hip number)

Big decisions ahead...

AM:2-3mile warm up, 4x1 mile at 5-10k pace w/4min rest, 2 mile cooldown
on the mugshots loop from the middle-yeah Houstons trying to make it harder on me (goal was sub 5:30 on the fast miles, sub 5:35 on the slow miles)
5:35, 5:15, 5:34, 5:28

I was a little disappointed after this workout...I had traffic on the first one so I had to slow down throught the lights. I also want the run better on the 3rd one..even though it is almost completely up hill.

I have had a really rouhg week. I cant eat sleep or stop shaking. I have had 4 job interviews this week, and three offers. I am a little relieved that I do not have to go to any more interviews, as I have had 15 this semester.
I really have to sit down and decide what I want to do. I know where I want to be and what job I want, but I need to really look at the long term plan.
I know whats going to make me happy. Now I just have to call 10 otehr people and tell them I am not interested. Not looking forward to it but all in all thats a pretty good…

Busy Week

Monday: AM: 26min PM:36min
Tuesday: Am:30min (4) PM: 58min (8)

today was suppose to be mile repeats, but I had to drive to jackson today and did not get back till later, so I am pushing that till tomorrow.

Cant wait till tomorrow afternoon. Im tired already.

In other news, I talked to some out at the Country Music Marathon in Nashville on the now I AM RUNNING COUNTRY MUSIC!

Really overly excited. guess we are scrapping the 10k stuff.

Never OVERestimated your competition

Saturday: AM:2mile w/u 2mile c/d 5k in 17:35~17:45 (had to estimate with and my GPS, because I was lead almost 1 mile off course..and I still won..interesting.)
PM:26min jog
Sunday: 50min run, + M.E's workout (she had a 1200m timetrial, a hard 400, and some 150's)
Monday: AM:16.0 miles in 1:52.10 (not sure about the seconds)

So Saturday was an experience...I decided not to drive to New Orleans to race....(only to look at the results to find the race was won in 18:24 which is 24 seconds slower than I ran there last year and about 50 seconds slower than I probably would have run this year (kiss $1000 good bye))...but I had a short tempo on schedule, and decided to jump in a local road race. I ended up leading from the gun, not a single male around to help the pace. The police car lead me for about 16min, when it just left. I had no idea I was only 400m from the finish...but I was lead the wrong way. Yeah, not like a few hundred meters or anything...a freakin mile!
1 mile…

2 Halfs, 2 weeks, 2 2nd place finishes, No New Orleans this weekend..

AM:9miles in 65min w/ 4X20sec strides during last mile
PM:20min jog (why, because I was bored...)

Finally, here are the results from knoxville:
So I didnt really want to drive the 5 hours to New Orleans this weekend. I am not to tired from Germantown and Knoxville, but those were both fabulous performances for me and I just dont want to end up hurt in a the last two years. I think this year I want to make it to Canadian National Cross, everything I do must be about that race. I want to finish on a good note before I get pregnant...or swith to the marathon...because that seems to be the direction I am heading.

I am trying to get into the Nashville country music half marathon on the 25th, I am going to forgo running the mississippi race series and focus on some bigger races and running some fast times.
I may not make as much oney on the roads this year...but Im going to have a real job again in a few weeks, so n…

Half marathon recovery week

Monday: AM:35min elliptical + weights
Tuesday: AM:55min easy
Wednesday: AM:2miles PM:65min easy
Thursday: AM: 30min PM: 2mile w/u, 2-3 mile c/d 6x800m w/2min recovery on mugshots(from the middle)
2:40, 2:45, 2:36, 2:33, 2:42, 2:42 (from the middle, 2, 5, 6 would be up hill)

Todays workout went fairly well, seeing as I am just 4 days recovery from my half marathon. I am a little frustrated about the race because I ran 10 miles solo. There was a pack about 40 secounds a head that I really should have caught by about mile 10, but it would have taken alot.

I just had way to much at the finish. I recovered way to fast.

Today the workout felt pretty relaxed. I was suppose to do between 6 and 8, and decided that today was not the day to empty the tank. Now I need to decide what I am going to do about the weekend, and if I am going to stay or travel to NO for the bridge run I did last year. We will see.

Its past 10 and I have had an extremely busy week. Im out.

Knoxville Half Recap: Is it still a PR if its only a second....?

Sunday:AM: 2mile warmup
Half marathon in 1:23:33 for 2nd place and a 1 second pr (who does that?)
1-2mile cool dowm (walking and running)
6.5 hour drive home (or 5 hours to alabama, and another 90min home after that).

I think I forgot how hard this course was. At least I know, after running Knoxville in a PR that I am able to run a sub 1:22, hopefully in a few months time I can find a good race to do needs to be a few months or its going to be to hot. The race was really freakin hilly. BUt my legs feel pretty good today. I was really worried, after being crammed in a car for two days.

I am extremely over loaded with school work, all I can say was the race went well, I ended up 2nd, which was a whole place ahead of where I was last year. Profited very well, even if you take into consideration the driving and everything.

I am going to post at a later date much of the weekends activities.

Oh, just want to make a shout out to Robert Scribner, whom shattered the MSU school record in the 1…

Watching the Stanford meet on flotrack

Thursday: AM:30min PM:40min
Friday: PM: 44:30 (6.0miles) run from walmart to get new tires PM: 24:21 (3.38miles) run back to walmart to pick up car (9.38 miles) I was up until 2am last night finishing a paper for class so I woke up with barely enough time to get to work...but I managed to be fully,clean, dressed and presentable.
I have been a little worried about my legs. I have been cramping alot, and I think I have not gotten over my dehydration. My hip has been hurting alot as well, I am not sure how this weekend will go. How ever this weeks workouts were very relaxed and I felt we will see. Right now I am watching the results of the stanford meet on flotrack. Supposably, they were going to have live videos..but I guess not.
Matt Cameron just raced section 3, and won it in 3:45.01. Is time would have actually won section 2 as well. Nice job Matt. This kid will be 3:43-3:42 by the end of the year.
Im about to pack for my trip to Knoxville...I am actually going to st…

Race Prep & Sun Shine

AM: 26min light jog (got up early to read moneyball for class)
PM: 15min w/u, 15min c/d
2X2mile at 1/2 marathon goal pace (90sec R)+ 4X200m (60 sec R)
6:08,5:59 (12:07) 6:06, 5:55 (12:01) 35, 34, 35, 35

This was one of those days that you feel like you should still have a workout left...I guess thats why its called race prep. It was strange to stop at 2 miles and take 90 seconds, it felt very easy and relaxed. I had a little bit of cramping in the final mile, but my pace didnt slow at all, and my effort didnt change. I know its because I got myself dehydrated after my long run. I really need to be better about that.

Houston leaves for stanford tomorrow. I leave for Knoxville Saturday (race is sunday) I am going to stop off on my way and watch Sarah run the 5k at Alabama, and then continue on my journey. I am dreading having to race this weekend without my better half. But hes got to work.

My Husband just informed me that I have 220 pages left of moneyball to read so I apologize for the sho…

Counting down the days..

Sunday:AM:46min relaxed (6miles) PM:warmup+cooldown W/ M.E. (8 total)
Monday: AM:1:32:14 (13.2 miles) relaxed (13 in 1:31:17)on south farm
Tuesday: AM:30min bike abs, back (had to read a paper for class) PM:45min easy run

Monday's long run was much more relaxed than I have been running them. After a mile and a half of wake up miles, we settled into a consistent pace around 6:50-7:00min. Felt good. I will be alot more rested for wednesdays race prep workout. Not sure what I will do yet but I gave Houston a suggestion and he was pretty open to it...and why not, Im level 1 certified, I know how this stuff works. Right?

Back to work.

Rhodes and mile Repeats

Am:12min jog before departing extremely early
Mid AM: 2mile w/u, 2mile c/d 3x 1 mile on road course (at Rhodes meet)5min rest
5:28, 5:20, 5:27

Im going to go ahead and say I was happy with this workout.Not my best but for this early in the year plan, I think its a good spot. The miles were out and back, and mile 2 was much faster than mile 1 and 3, I am not sure if it was effort or the hill but I have not run anything pure VO2 yet...except for bulldog miles and the other mile workout I did a few weeks back, so I am still thinking I am about where I need to be. Last time I did 5x a mile I think I averaged about 5:38, and ran my 2 mile tempo at 5:32 pace. The goal is to run the 2 mile at 5k pace, which would be about 5:22-5:24 pace. Seeing as I have only really been doing tempos and half marathon/10k stuff, I pretty sure that will happen sooner than later.
I just looked over and saw that my husband just fell asleep watching Jon and Kate +8 so I am putting him to bed.
Meet went well..I will p…

Dreaded day comes to a close...

Thursday:AM:30min 4 PM:51min w/1,2,3,4,4,3,2,1 min hard & 1/2 jog@5:30-6:00pace(GPS)7
Friday:AM:60min (8.0 miles :() PM:20min (no GPS-2.5)

My legs are destroyed. Thursday was the worst I have felt since the injury, I have come down with my monthly bout of weakness syndrome and felt absolutely awful. The pace was fine, but it felt way to difficult and I had to practically walk to get my heart rate down to a controllable level before I started the next interval- hence thats why I oly ran 7 in 51 minutes. It was hot, I was miserable, sore, tight, and feeling sorry for myself.

Friday was a different story. First of all, my Zune decided to up and die the night before so I was a little hesitant to walk out the door with out my tunes this morning. And if it was not for my little garmin I would have recorded a 7:00ish effort, but after a whole string of 7:30's I really had to try and push it to get the pace down. I think mile 4 I hit a 7:05, but I fell asleep again and ran a few more 7:3…


Monday: AM:46minutes very very slow and easy, weights, abs
Tuesday: AM: 30min very easy PM:40 minutes very easy
Wednesday: AM:60min easy

I am busy this week writing my paper on commercialization in track and field. If anyone has any ideas, articles, papers that would help this process, I would very much appreciate the help.
Today is the only work day of the week, so I had to get up a little after 5:30 to get my hour run in. NOtice I said hour...not 81/2 miler...because I am still pretty sore from the half, probably because my hip cramped for over half the race. Tomorrow I am suppose to have a light fartlek and I plan on running it very relaxed. I had a little more pop in my legs today which is a pretty good sign.

I had a pretty hard time getting up this morning, which is funny because I get up every monday at 4:30 am to get my long run in. Also, on race day it is sometimes much earlier than that. You would think I would be used to it by now. Mondays are the biggest thing I have changed thi…

HUGE PR in Germantown

2 Meggan Franks 1:23:34 STARKVILLE MS

42:12 for the 1st half (6:26.4 pace)/41:22 for the 2nd half (6:18.9 pace)

Huge huge PR this almost two minutes! I ran this race OVER two minutes faster than I did the year before (my previous pr was from knoxville last year). I am soo excited and so pleased, especially given the fact that I thought I was going to have to drop out a 5 miles because my hip was so tight I could hardly move. I just stayed patient and tried not to freak out. In between mile 5 and 6 the course entered the park where I knew from running this race in the past that I could get a little bit more motion in my hip...we also switched direction which helped.

At half way, I was running 1:24 pace, so I knew when I hit the carpet (marking the middle of the race) I had alot of work to do. It was about that time I heard 3rd place breathing behind me....and I decided it was time to make things hard. Then, almost immed…

Rain and Sour Attitudes

Thrursday: AM:4miles PM:5miles (no GPS)
Friday: 64:42 (9.00 miles)
Saturday: 42min (6miles) +5min of strides on the turf room

Felt fine today but its pouring rain (felt good) and I am still pissed off about my hip. My first mile was 7:47 and I started throwing a fit, blaming it on the inconsiderate drivers.....there are alot of those here, or maybe its just the fact that its shocking for them to see someone out running (MS is the fattest state now, with 30% obesity rate). In my opinion there needs to be more people out running...and less drivers

There for I told myself that my slow mile was lack of effort, and proceeded to run a 6:53 before I calmed down and told myself its not worth freaking out over. My first mile is always terribly slow.

Im still in a terrible mood over my leg loosing coordination on wednesday. I am contemplating dropping out of Knoxville but I am going to run Germantown to see if I can survive it or not.

My messed up hips is bringing me down and I am taking it out on t…


AM: 3miles
PM:2.5 mile w/u
3miles at half marathon pace (6:11,6:18,6:12 for 18:41)
2miles at between half and 10k pace (5:53, 5:55 for 11:48)
1 Mile at 10k pace (5:46...crazy windy on the way back)
1.5 mile c c/d

This workout sucked. It was not hard, it did not hurt, I was just in a terrible mood because my leg started to lose coordination the last 6 years of my life. I thought this would be the year that I didnt have to deal with it. I just completed a 10 mile tempo and had no problem. I am just pissed off. I am going to get a referral for an orthopedist. I dont want to go through this again. Not looking forward to racing through this crap all year.

One Amazing Journey

AM: 45minutes (taper week)

This post is not about running. Today I was given the task of finding out as much information about a student that graduated from our program. I was given a name only, I did not read the attached email (if I had it would have made things alot easier I think).

The students name was Laura Beck Kitchens. Immediatly I logged onto our database, searched for Beck...searched for Kitchens...nothing. I went to the back and searched all the hard files from the last five go. A little concerned by this...I typed her name in google (surely she must be on google) and I got a crazy number of hits. In less than 3 minutes I found out, she lives in my town, she was diagnosed with a serious form of cancer in 2003, she went through her 8th round of chemo therapy at this time a year ago, she has a website called One Amazing Journey that she blogs about her journey with cancer and sells adorable long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts on. …

Early Morning LR

AM: 1:23:47 (12.08 miles on the GPS, 10 @6:49 avg.)+ 1mile jog on the fields to make 13 (just so I could record at least 90min) Felt SOO short.

Today was a great run. I only had 12 miles on the schedule (considerably short than what I have been used to), so after two easy miles we got right into it. We threw a 6:36 in there and a bunch of 6:45's. On south farm thats a pretty good run because its extremely hilly.

All in all I felt awesome, I just loved it! Simone was with me today so it kept the running feeling short and really helped keep the pace up.

It was dark when we started, dark when we finished. Kept falling all over the place because of all the gravel and it being pitch black and all. Run was rather short because of the half on sunday. Getting pretty excited!!

Oh, by the way, Matt Cameron ran 3:45 at north florida for his first race of the year (besides the 8:10 indoors unattached) for well under the regional qualifying mark...nice job Matt. Recap is available at http://mstate…

1 week out

I think I was the only one of the streets this morning...

AM:2.5mile w/u
2mile tempo run (time trial?) on mugshots, 11:04.90 (5:32 slit m1, 5:32 split m2)
+6X200m w/ 60 rest
3mile cooldown

Mid AM: 5miles

(marking off the loop for the womens tempo run in Ackerman...the first 2.5 was more like a walk jog because I had the wheel and I was putting out cones.)

Today was interesting. I got up early to run a 2 mile tempo all by myself. No coach, no other runners around to push one even outside to witness my pain. It was interesting. I settled alot the last 800m because it got hard and I started to feel sorry for myself....and I was running up a hill. In the end, I really wanted to run around 10:55 but I have only really had 6 weeks of good training...maybe 7..and this is exactly where I need to be. I dont want to be running fast yet because my racing season is going to be long and hard.

I met the women at 8:30 so we could drive out to Ackerman and run the lake look around Oktock lake. It was…


Thursday: AM:4 miles (30min) PM:7miles (51:57)
Friday: AM: 60min (8in 58min)

Two recovery days, taking the afternoon off. my legs hurt and I am fighting with my GPS a little bit. Hope that I can get recovered by tomorrow morning.

Midweek Workout-Ackerman this Saturday

Tuesday: AM:3miles PM:6miles (recovery)
Wednesday: AM:30min PM:15min w/u, 20min c/d workout: 3X (1200m,200m,200m) (was suppose to be 4 but Houston got concerned with how much work I have in my legs and never let me finish #4) (405,37,37)(402,38,37)(356,38,35)

This week has not been to hard yet. I have a workout saturday that is relavely short as well. I am racing in 10 days so I guess we are kind of trying to get some of the crap out of my legs. Though I am still coming back from injury, this miledge does not bother me (possibly because I cross trained like crazy so that I could come back quickly) and I dont feel like I am that tired, at least right now. Last week I dug deep in the bulldog miles, because many of the 800's I was doing the uphill segments with wind right in my face. Yesterdays workout was not very hard, but my calves cramped up from the 200's, I just havent done anything at mile pace for a long time.

Houston's men are in florida for their first outdoor meet of …

Long Run

AM: 1:51:00 (15.5 miles on GPS)
-Was suppose to go 16 (so I thought, but my legs just didnt have it today). I just did not have any pop and my left foot was killing me so I was freaking out the whole time (finally figured out its just the top of my foot rubbing on it) after two wake up miles I settled into a 7:05 pace for 12 miles. Just could not get going, but last week was pretty hard on me and I doubt I am recovered from saturday's 10 mile tempo. I cut it half a mile short because I was about to run 7:30's.

PR for 10 Miles

AM: 10mile relaex tempo at 61:50 (notice it said relaxed). It is very hard to understand that tempo should be relaxed and progressive, when all through college every tempo run was considered a time trial. Today was probably my PR for 10miles, at least that was recorded and on a measured course, I have done a few 8 milers at 47:30 ish but that was a few years back. I am pretty happy, as I have had less than 6 weeks of workouts post injury.
tomorrow will be a jog at snail pace. This was by far the easier workout I had this week.


Sunday:40min recovery

Total miles for the week: 70 (this is about all I can handle right now, in order to get recovered for the workouts)

Cramping & Warm Leg Syndrome?What??

This post is pretty boring so I apologize in advance....

Monday:Am: 15miles in 1:44:57 (13 miles at 6:44-6:55 pace according to mr.gps)
Tuesday: AM:20min
PM:40min, weights
Wednesday: AM: 66min (9miles)
Thursday: AM:20min (hurting soo bad after driving to and from nashville on wednesday, 11hrs in the car)
PM:2mile w/u&c/d Bulldog miles (4x300m, 2x800m, 1x1600m, 2x800m, 4x300m)
the 300's are suppose to be 400's but it was extremely windy and I just wanted one workout where I didnt have to battle it the whole time. ran the 1st 300s at what was suppose to be the pace i ran the workout, but I ended up gutting throught it pretty well and ran alot faster. After the mile, Houston actually walked up to me and said "where did that come from...5:16 ??thats not current 5k pace!." seriously, I have not done any thing faster than 10k pace in like, 7 months. All the 800's and the mile were on mugshots, with hills and wind. so i was pretty happy with the results...all over the plac…


Am: 15miles in 1:44:57 (13 miles at 6:44-6:55 pace according to mr.gps)
Felt very good today. After two miles at a very relaxed pace I started running 6:50 pace immediatly. I did not slow down till about 400 meters from my house when I got a massive cramp in my back and just jogged in. That would have been a pretty impressive mile so it did not kill my pace.
I tried to think of it like this, I had about 64 seconds to shed after the first two miles, and I just ran relaxed and what felt like a solid effort. I am still working on trying to get my long runs down to 6:45 pace. Hopefully that will come soon.

As for last week, well saturdays 6 mile tempo turned out to be 5 miles because my hamstring started cramping up pretty bad after 4. Sunday, I just jogged a few miles before I worked out with ME (she had 3X500, 3X300, 3X200, 3X100 at her goal 800m pace, it was a pretty good workout for her, I was glad I could help her out. I had to give myself some credit for hitting all her intervals on he…

My Week


week is going ok so far. I got over the weakness syndrome, but it came back yesterday during my workout. I was running 5-10k pace for my 6x1200's, but I could not bring myself to run any faster than that.
My legs hurt.

Monday: Long Run 15miles at 6:52-7:04 (for 13)
Tuesday: am:45min PM:2mile w/u + basketball game
Wednesday: AM:20min PM:2m w/u, 2m c/d, 6x1200m at 5-10k pace
Thursday: AM:55min + strides in the turf room, drills (Houston made me) PM: 30min + weights and abs (my legs are killing me know).
Friday: AM: 71min run, stretch + 2 hr nap before work
Saturday: Planned 6 mile tempo (5:55-6:05 pace) + 200m strides
Sunday: recovery run of about 6-8miles
~72-73miles (thats enough for now. I am pretty tired)

3 Weeks Out.....

Week is starting off ok, I was really sick sunday night..dry heaving... and went to sleep at like 6pm...missed up at 4am to meet the girls for a 15 miler after pounding out a couple of gatorades because I did not eat dinner the night before. My stomach was sloshing so bad.

The 15 miler went pretty well, after a mile we were 7:04-6:52 (according to Mr. GPS) pace the whole way, and on the back side of south farm that is saying alot (for me).
I have had a fever the last few days so I am not feeling to hot right now, just wimp syndrome probably. The women were at Tyson this last weekend. I was extremely pleased about the women's distance races. Lauren ran a PR in the 5k of 18:27 (this is huge! I cannot believe the improvement of this girl) and Simone ran a 10:07 3k. It was not a PR for her, but she is running progressively faster this season. Conference should be good for her.
3 weeks I am home and then I am off to my first half marathon of the year. I cannot wait to get …


All I have ate this weekend are doritos, cake and chocolate chips.
Really terrible. I am going to pretend like this last few days never happened.

Ran really easy today, like 45 minutes (yesterdays tempo was about 6:13 pace for 8, which was surpirisingly easy and relaxed but my hamstring is on fire now) plus I have the meet ME at 2:00pm for her workout...and basketball practice at 7:00pm.
So maybe I will have chance to work off all that spinach dip that I forgot I polished off this morning.



I'm trying to stop eatting so much cake so I dont have to by a new race siglet....the wine and chocolate chips are not helping~

I think this may be my favorite time of year, in terms of running. I have had to LONG layoff's since college, well three if you count the time I dabbled in triathlon training for a while, and every year between jan 1 and about the middle of march I am basically getting myself back into racing shape. For the first 6-8 weeks I feel like I get fitter everyday, my "regular" running pace drops significantly, my tempo runs improve by minutes, my intervals by a good 10-20 seconds. It feels good right now.
I am running a half marathon in germantown in the middle of march. I am then heading to Knoxville two weeks later to run another half, then New Orleans, then the Mississippi Race series, and the rest....I cant really remember that far.

Training for the last week....
Well I have come to realise that I run all my runs at around 7min pace which is nice. …

2009 schedule and what did we learn in 08?

I have finally been training up till the point that I will feel confident racing in about 6 weeks. I currently have two races on my schedule, in about the middle of march I will start racing again. I am so excited, I have high hopes for this year, being that I was out for 7 months before last years races. This year, I did have a lay off but only four months, I reallly feel that I have bounced back. I am tougher than I have ever been....well at least since I was a freshman. The things I did as a freshman are beyond me.

Anyways, things I have to focus on in 2009 now that 08 is over.
1. Start strength early and be consistent. Everyyear I am out with an injury and becoming stronger will help that.
2. Dont run as much. Seriously, I am tired of being hurt. My body does not want to run 80miles a week, I am not invincible. I am going to work on getting in what I need and resting more. Maybe this will help some of my fatigue and keep me from losing to much weight in the middle of the season.
3. Kn…

this week

Been busy with the job search and my hamstring flared up so not much running this week yet.

Monday: AM:55min
Tuesday: AM: 1hr 35min run
Wednesday: AM:nothing, 3 job interviews PM:48min run
Thursday: AM:55min run w/ 8X3min HArd, 90 sec easy
Friday: AM:45min PM:40min
Saturday: warmup/6mile tempo run at half marathon pace/ cool down (hamstring was really tight so I was extremely conservative and ran 6:20 pace. fairly easy.
Sunday: planned 70min run

62-63 miles. I would like to run more but my hamstring is killing me.


School is school, work is work. Its really cold here and it feels like death. I really dont have much to say...just running I guess.

training update-
Monday: AM:60min run PM:40min run
Tuesday:1:18 (11miles) w/ 8X3min hard, 90 sec recovery
Wednesday: AM: 20min bike and weights PM: 53min (7+miles)
Thursday:AM:40min PM:w/u 8x200m at 36, c/d
Friday: 50min recovery run
Saturday:12miles in 1hr 25min, w/10 miles at 6:40pace (58.5)
Sunday: recovery run

probably about 63 miles for the week when its all over.

Xbox and workouts

training updated--
Not to much this week...havent been motivated to do anything related to school. Ive been to busy playing Fallout 3 to give a crap about school. Ive also been looking for a job, and with the economy so bad. nothings look up so far.

As for running, Ive been doing a decent amount of that. I plan to get up to 60miles this week. My achilles is a little sore from a relatively easy workout I did this afternoon so I am not sure if I will make the miledge this week. I am trying to be careful, but Im stubborn and not very smart unfortunately.

The womens team as a 1000m, 4mile, 1000m workout on saturday. I plan on running it with them but I am not sure how much help I will be...probably none because I am not in shape yet.

Monday: 70min with 5X 6min HARD, 6min easy
Tuesday: AM: 54min ( 7:35-7:00min pace)
Wednesday: AM: 40min PM:35 min (7:15-6:45pace)
Thursday: AM:30min PM:45min with 30min of 2min hard, 1 min easy
Friday: PM: 55min run
Saturday: warmup, 4mile tempo with Simone (24:06 on …

Garmin 305 review

Ok, I have not been able to use my GPS because of my injury (really did not care to see how fast I was running) but the last few days I have been wearing it regularly. Basically, its pretty accurate, but only if you are the farms on the roads. We have miles of windy trails about a mile from the track, and it does not work very well on that.
The heart rate monitor works pretty well, I have not worked much with the zones or anything yet, I dont really care for that kind of stuff. few other things I figured out

-the distance/pace function works better if you set it to automatically lap every mile, versus getting the average pace for the entire run (especially if you are doing a tempo, and the first two miles are for warm up)
-dont expect acurate readings on windy and heavily forested trails.
-Carry a watch on your other wrist just in case you forget to charge the batteries
-HRM does not work underwater (bummer)
-set the smoothing option to least amount of smoothing, if you are a crazy pace mon…

Back from Canada

Houston and I are now back to work after 2 and a half weeks of visiting family in Tupelo, Calgary, Athabasca, and then my sisters wedding in Banff. It was a great trip, but we were both exhausted when we arrived at home sunday night (after waking up at 3am driving to calgary and waiting in line for 2 and a half hours before departing) I hate flying all day. We got home around 9pm, and Houston refused to let me run because it was storming terribly. So I did not run that day.
As for running, well -33 C reallu does a number on the body. I caught a terrible sinus infection about a day into my Canada trip...and then another cold after arriving in starkville. I ran through the sinus infection, but it wore me out. The cold air actually felt pretty good on the lungs, and helped clear up some of my congestion. Tha altitude, not so much. I did not wear my GPS because I was having a really hard time running in 2 feet of snow. For some reason, in calgary, the do not clear the streets so everyday …