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This week was really not awful. My back hurts a little, my hip is tight, but I poped it a few times and I got to do a little this week. I race tomorrow morning, I am leaving at 3:50 AM. The mens team is driving out to Ackerman to run the lake loop....LUCKY! Its a very nice loop, like almost 3 miles around the lake, like the best running surface you can possibly imagine. Trail like, not to soft.
Trying to get to bed by 8:30. We will see..
Tuesday:AM:50 minutes PM:30min, yoga, abs
Wednesday: AM: 2m w/u, 6X400m hill repeats, with run down recoveries, then 13min tempo (was suppose to be 15 but my hip was so tight I could barely bend over, so I stopped when I made it home.) 1 mile c/d
PM: 2 mile w/u and weights, yoga, abs
Thursday:AM:30min PM:44min
Friday: AM: 57min, with strides PM:abs

Bad Hip Day

Today was a bad hip day, as was yesterday. My yoga video turned out to be useless, it was way to easy and I had already mastered every pose. Not in a good mood, my hip is awful.

Sunday: 1hr of yoga, PM:52min run (tight)
Monday: AM: 1hr 20min run (hip so tight, could not finish my long mad)


Not much going on today...very very back end of a Tropical Storm coming through our area so its raining hard off and on. Got really sick yesterday after my workout so I may take a day off. Its been a really long time since I took a day off so I am not sure yet. Feel a bit better this morning.

Friday: AM: 56min (good) PM: nothing, got busy
Saturday: AM: 2mile w/u
7mile tempo broken into 3 segments (2min recovery)
4miles at 6:05-6:10 pace
2miles in 11:45
1 mile in 5:48 (ran the 1st mile on the 5 mile loop backwards, so pretty slow and up hillish)
3 mile coold down
yoga + stetch

I bought a new yoga video today, I think it should be a little more intense so I am hoping that there are a few positions on their I have not learned.

Long week..

First week of school and I pretty tired. We received our consulting project this week so I am planning on being pretty busy for a while.
Time trial went good, allot of guys in the low 19's so that was nice to watch. My workout went pretty good to.

Wednesday: AM: 30min PM: 2mile warm up, on mug shots so first two miles are typically up hill and slow
1 mile: 5:30, 1 mile 5:20, 1200m 3:58, 1200m 3:59, 800m 2:34 , 800m 2:34
3min rest between, 3.5 mile cool down
Thursday: AM: 30min easy PM: 41min easy, stetch and abs (tired)
Friday: AM: 56min (good) PM: not sure yet

Time Trials

Tonite is the infamous 4 mile time trial, where Houston basically says, you make the team, you dont. He doesnt like it, he wants all his guys, and he doesnt mind dealing with a good many walk ons. I really hope everyone makes the standard (they have to run under 22 min to be able to train with the team). Now, some that make the team will probably never travel, but they will improve. They always get better. Most of his guys are just going out there to get in a good workout, 5min pace for 4 miles.... Out of like 18 guys, I think he only has a couple on the bubble.

Tonite I have a pretty hard session on the mugshots loop, mile, mile, 1200, 1200, 800, 800. I am not sure what the rest is. My legs feel great, my back kinda hurts though. Its alot better than it has been, at least I can run comfortably again.

Monday: AM: 42min about 7:15pace PM: 24min, 1hr of yoga and circuit
Tuesday: AM: 65 min on the golf course PM: 30min, strides, stretch
Wednesday: AM: 30min PM: planned interval session (g…

Booh! No 10k Coverage?? WHAT THE F&*^!!!

SO this morning HOuston and I were trying to watch the mens 10k before church, and we could not find it anywhere! I was so angry, three Americans in the Race and no station was even playing it! There was water polo, table tennis, and volleyball, NO AMERICANS in any of those events, but 3 in the 10k and they still would not play it.
Finally we found it on some Denmark internet site, my new labtop played it pretty well. Was a pretty good race!
Kinda upset about the marathon, Kastor dropped out with a foot injury, and Paula has been hurt for three freakin months. Got pretty excited for the finish though... at least the fight for silver was pretty good...was really cheering for Ndereba, shes always so cool and collected. I was waiting for her to try and catch the leader. I was really surprised they let her get away.

Sunday: AM: 1hr 45min (about 14 or so)

~ 80 miles for the week..

Ready for the Marathon

OK, so womens marathon is tonight, I am so excited. I am sick to my stomach I am so excited to watch it. There are no Canadians in it, sadly, but I am a huge Deena Kastor fan so I am really really looking forward to watching her tonight. I hope she has a good run. Its hard to top her performance in 2004, she ran the smartest race out of the entire field. I have never seen an athlete be so patient, and so calm, for over 2 hours. Unbelievable! Anyways, this morning I ran a workout with the girls team. It went pretty good, I basically ran with Simone the whole way. I dont understand how someone so Tiny can run so fast. I really enjoyed it, plan on running a few more of there workouts this year.
Friday:42min w/ strides PM: 1 hour of yoga, pilates, ab work (Houston would not let me run this afternoon, which I listened to him this time after a short argument, my hip has been a little tight this week, and coach usually knows best) Saturday:AM:2mile w/u, 3.5mile c/d, 1000m in 3:22, 4miles in 2…

Rainy Days..

Week before school starts, really not much going on. Im so bored I am going to bed at like 9 every night, really trying to find things to do to take up time. Really, you can only run so much, and lift so many weights (as a distance runner). Its been raining again the past few days, this moning I ran some 1000's on the practice fields with Houston. The ground was so mushy, somtimes I had trouble with the footing, kind of funny to listen to my feet squish around in my shoes on all the turns. My mood was pretty good to, some one was going to have to run me over with a truck to make me quit. Good week so far.

I think official team practice starts tomorrow. HOustons men look pretty fit, anorexic looking as always. Thats the way he likes them to. I think he takes it as a complement or something, everytime I tell him that his men need to be thrown a sandwich now and then...

Monday: AM: 1hr 40min run, yoga, situps
Tuesday: AM: 58:30 min run(6:45-6:20 pace) situps
Wednesday: AM: 2 mile w/u, 6 …

1 week till class starts back!!!

Well its sunday, so I now have on week till the last semester in my masters program...possibly. Still deciding if I will persue a minor or not. This week has been alright, I ran the ELvis Presley INternational 5k in Memphis on saturday. I was 2nd in a pretty good field so over all I was pleased....still made a really bad decision tactically at about 1.5 miles...but it was only a road race, the prize purse was not enough to get really upset about.

Wednesday: AM: 2.5 m w/u 16X400m on research, 1m c/d
Thursday: AM: 61min run (felt pretty good) PM:30min run w/ yoga and abs
Friday: AM: 31min run (tight) PM: 26min (tight)
Saturday: 2m w/u, 5k road race, (2nd) 42min c/d
Sunday: AM: 79min run PM: yoga and abs

~about 71 miles


This morning I had a pretty good workout so I thought I should go ahead and post!
I was suppose to run 400s, keep in mind I have not run a 400 workout in so long I cant even remember, not the last year anyways! So I was pleased with the way this one went. We ran them on the research park loop. Houston marked two 400's, from the start of the regular mile, backwards so that we would not have to include the big hill. There fore the 1st 2-400's were fast, the second two were slower, being that they were on a gradual incline. I ran 4 sets of 4, so 16 total. I was pretty waxed when I finished, think I was between 74 and 75 on the first two of each set, then I was about 77-78 on the next to of each set. Thats about right, given the terrian. I took 60 sec between each, and 5 min between sets because I was not used to the workout.
I was pleased with it! got done just in time for another 110 degree day!

Results of the RRCA Sout Regional Championship are now up. I ended up finishing less than half a second behind Beth Old, a 2:40 marathoner out of Marietta, Georgia. The times were not to great, I ran 18:08, but all times were pretty slow. The winner, Jill Steffens, only ran 17:12 (she carries a 16:23 PR). Seems about right for a rolling hill course in Alabama, 1st weekend in August. It was so humid I was dripping sweat before the gun went off.
SO I am still looking for a fast 5k road race...something better than the 17:38 I ran in the mud in March this year..there has got to be something!

This week, training has been pretty good I guess. Its only tuesday however.
Saturday: AM: 5k race PM: 40min xt, abs, weights
Sunday: AM: 72min, PM:20min xt, circuit, abs, yoga
Monday: AM: 90min
Tuesday: AM:51min a strides (felt great) PM:30min at 7:10-6:50 pace, circuit, abs

Woodstock 5K

This week has been alot better in terms of training. My hip has not bothered me much, and Ive been trying to really reduce my miledge this week, trying to get ready for a few more weeks of higher miledge. This week I drove the Anniston, Alabama to run in the Woodstock 5k, where the 2009 RRCA will take place. It was a fantastic race with a very very impressive womens field. The mens field was pretty good three deep, the womens field was alot deeper than that. Results are not up yet, will post later.
The night before we ate at TOP OF THE RIVER restaurant, Ive got to say that I was about half way through the complementary corn bread (cooked in a cast iron skillet!) , pickled onions, and slaw, that I was so full I could barely touch my grilled chicken and shrimp. Absolutely one of the most fabulous places I have ever eaten. If you are ever near Anniston and want a good restaurant, stop at Top Of The River.

Monday: AM: light run PM:40min, yoga and ab work
Tuesday: AM: AM: 36min, PM:42min