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Back from Brevard Running Camp

Well yesterday we drove back from Brevard, North Carolina. It was quite a week, I will be over 80 miles after todays long run, and Robert Scribner (one of Houstons College athletes) will be over 100. It was nice to get away from the 100 degree weather, and alot of my runs were pretty impressive. Basically, we woke up at 6 every morning, ran 40 minutes at about 6:30pace (or faster depending on who was leading), laid in the freezing creek to soothe our muscles, then ate breakfast, slept, and ran another 5-8 miles in the afternoon, ate, slept, got up and did it all over. My legs feel fantastic, and body feels so refreshed.

Friday:AM:70min PM: 20min run, yoga and pilates at the track
Saturday: 1hr 40min, legs hurting
Sunday: PM: 46min with the team
Monday: AM:40min at 6:30 pace- PM: 61min trail run
Tuesday:AM:40min at 6:30 pace- PM:52min trail run
Wednesday:AM: 45min (Trail loop in 37ish w/ the men) 6.5miles, PM: 5mile trail run
Thursday: 40min at 6:30 pace- PM: 56min trail run (good pace)

Ready for Running Camp

Sunday I leave for running camp in North Carolina. Im excited about it, it will be a change from the office and the 100 degrees in the afternoon. I will be gone from sunday to saturday. SUpposably the running is beautiful, but pretty tough because we ill be in the mountains. I think anything beats 100 degrees w/ 100% humidity.
The week finished off pretty good, except this morning I woke up pretty stiff and tired. I did a pretty hard workout last night so that was probably the reason.
continuing last weeks post...
Friday: AM: 30min, PM: 43min (legs hurting)
Saturday: AM:2mile w/u, 1mile c/d 5mile tempo run on the Ackerman loop (hot)
PM: 30min xt, weights, (legs, arms, abs)
Sunday: 72min (felt better after half)
Monday: AM: 11 miles on south farm (hilly) (10.5 in 1hr12min)
Tuesday:AM: 40min w/ strides on big turf PM: 42min (about 7min pace) weights (arms, legs, abs)
Wednesday:AM:40min PM:1.5mile w/u, 10min c/d, 5min,3min,5min,3min,5min,3min,5min hard w/ 90-2min recovery
Thursday:60min (50xt,10…

O'Neil gets 3rd at Worlds

HOuston told me last night that O'Neil Wilder ended up with a 3rd place finish at world juniors in the 400 this past week. I was pretty happy for him, its been a very interesting year for Mr.Wilder, he has really become a name in track and field quite quickly. Really good kid to, in my opinion.

Anyways, been tight on and off all week, also been running hard to so that may be the cause of it.
Wednesday: 1hr 35minutes
Thursday: AM: 37minutes w/ Houston, pretty quick pace, bout 7min pace mostly, a bit quicker over the last mile
PM: 40 minutes at 7:10-6:40 pace
Friday: AM:30min PM:45min-60min (planned)
Saturday: Planned tempo run
trying to get 75-80 miles this week

No racing, just running

Sitting down with HOuston last night I stated again that I would like to run Canadian Nationals. Last time I ran, I finished 30th and had a horrible race...not good seeing as I was 17th as a junior. He is all for it, so I think I wam going to train primarly for 5k to 10k because the race is only 6k. I dont mind that, this half marathon stuff has gotten my hip all messed up anyway.

This week has been better, I am still really tired all the time about 2-3 in the afternoon. I dont think my diet is that good, but often time I find myself alone in the office and I cant sneak out to go get anything. So I drink my G2 and starve from about 11-2. I need to start brown baging it.

This week is suppose to be a pretty goo week...however the intense weight session I had on monday might not let it get as big as I would like.

Monday: AM: 64min fartlek workout, 1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1 minutes hard, w/ half the interval time recovery. It went pretty well ,I know on the long segments I was 6min pace or faster be…

Big week

Not much going on here...Travis headed up to Nationals this past weekend..finished 8th, I dont think he was to happy with that, it being such a big trip. Tiffany finished 7th in the us 1500, I thought that was not to bad seeing as she had 4 weeks of training.

Continuing last week:
Thursday: AM: 40min PM: w/o, 15min w/u, 15m c/d 5x800, 2:40, 2:39, 2:27, 2:30, 2:34
Friday: AM:64minutes
Saturday: 1hr48minutes (long run)
Sunday: AM:3miles PM: 30minutes at 7:30-6:40 pace, weights & abs

Easy Week

Half marathon went ok, my hip was bothering me so I just ran it like a long run, I figured if I was under 90 minutes it was a good long run.
I ended up winning, which was alright, it was hot and I felt bad the whole time, pretty dehydrated but nice little stroll.
Sunday: 40min yoga+pilates+abs, 30min at 7:30-6:30pace
Monday: AM:40minutes on trails, PM:35minutes 7:30-6:30pace w/ weights (40min)
Tuesday: 50 minutes w/ pilates
Wednesday: AM:64minutes w/ strides PM: 20 min at 7:30-6:30pace, 40 min of weights
Thursday: AM: 40minutes w/ the girls PM: planned workout