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3 months, and Im back

--training updated 12/17/08--
Wow, so whats the point of blogging training when I have not been doing any? I am very aware that my insites on life, etc. are not that interesting so I have not posted anything in a while.
I have started running again, finally, I mean, really running, non of this shuffling around 20-30min a day stuff. I can run about 50min to an hour most days for a little bit now. I have not started workouts yet, obviously, that would be stupid. I may start earlier than usual after an injury because of all the cross training I was able to do...against Houston's wishes.

As for the team, Scrib made it to NCAA's which was great for him. I thought both teams ran really well, considering they were a little understaffed this year. That will not be the case next year, recruiting is going really well.

Few interesting things, I completed the USATF level 1 coaches certification course this weekend, and I will be a volunteer assistant coach for the women starting in january. f…