Thursday, November 6, 2008


I got a run in today (not much of one, a 30/30/30 day, 30min pool run, 30min bike, 30 min jog). I cannot believe how warm it is here in the winter time. My mother sent me a text tomorrow, supposably she got her first snow fall this year, a week or so later than usual. The first snow fall in northern alberta is something I do miss about home, but I love being able to run sans t-shirt in december...sometimes.
-Pictured, Athabasca River, Alberta

Pictured- Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Dads new home)

SEC's was this past weekend, the men did pretty well seeing as we are really in a building process this year. We also had a few people fall apart, it happens. Scrib ran an excellent race, as shows from the results.

Girma ended up winning the whole thing. I could have predicted that when Houston was recruiting him last year. That kid is a machine, literally.

Race re-cap can be found here:

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