Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Up to about 30 min of jogging a day now. I am so sick of the pool, I would rather just gain some weight and take my 30min of running than have to do another pool session. So far I think I will have no trouble getting back into the swing of things, I just keep having set backs.

I was really down this week because my Husband seemed to have confinced me that I may have a small tear in my achilles. I did not want to be out any longer than I already have been ( I sat out 7 months last year) but I had my monthly visit to My chiropractor, Dr. Leach, and he seems to think he can fix it. So before I go get another MRI, I am going to let him have a shot at it.

I mean, two 20 dollar sessions would be alot cheaper than two doctors visits and an MRI, dont you think.
I guess we will see. I mean, it is improving, just very very slowly.

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