Friday, October 24, 2008


Having some success this week with my achilles. I have not felt it in about 4 days now. I am still sleeping in the night splint and I wear the compression sleeve where ever I ago, but the aching feels like its gone now. I am freakin out, not getting to run at all. But I have got out of the pool again (at least for one of my 2 a day sessions) and have been using the elliptical, and the bike, with little to no discomfort. My achilles did not care to much for both even when it wasnt bothering me. Most days I do a 40-60min cardio session in the morning of bike or elliptical or something, then I do a 30-60 min pool session, something hard thats over pretty fast. I try to average 90min of cardio about 6 times a week, usually one day I only get an hour in (like today) because of time constrants. I think it is working well, I still feel pretty fit (of course) have not gained any weight, but I have not been doing my yoga as I should and I am loosing some ab definition as a result. Running and yoga really keeps your core nice and strong.
The team is going out to Ackerman tomorrow, and I want to go, even though I will only be testing my achilles with a twenty minute run. The problem is, we may not get back in time for me to get to the rec center for my pool workout. I really do not want to have to go to the pool on campus, the water is so freakin cold it takes me 10minutes to stop shivering.

Wish I had some interesting training or racing to post, however I am doing none of those right now. Cross training is boring.

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