Saturday, October 18, 2008

Not much

Well its saturday and Im pretty bored. I just spent the night with some friends and am about to go to bed...but my Husband is coming home late so I thought I might stay up and catch him. I probably wont make it though, its very rare for me to stay up past 11pm.

My achilles actually feels all right today, which is funny because it was terrible all through the week. Maybe because I have completely stayed off it, Ive also been wearing my splint around the house. Its been pretty good so far.

Even though I have been out for almost 7 weeks now, I really dont think I have gained an ounce, which is probably due to the fact that I am still spending 80min in the pool most days, doing intervals the whole time, or I may be eatting less, I havent really felt like I have changed anything really.
Im just as tired at night, if not more so I still feel like I am getting a pretty good workout.

I wore my heart rate monitor the other day, was disappointed to know that if did not work under water, but if I lifted myself up out of the water for like 2 seconds it could get a reading. 10-20 sec into my easy segments my heart rate was still at 160, thats pretty good for pool running I think...but the pool I workout in is really really warm so my heart rate is really not going to be to much lower than it normally would be on land.

Ok, Ive been doing some crazy workouts lately, and even though pool running is about as interesting as watching paint dry, Im pretty bored, so I thought I may post a few.....umm let me see.....

Workout 1
8min w/u
10X1min, 30sec easy
10X2min, 30 sec easy
5x3min, 1min easy
5X1 min, 30 sec easy
Cool down

Workout 2
10min w/u
4X 10min hard, 2min recovery
10X1min, 30sec easy
cool down

Workout 3
5min w/u
10x1min, 30sec
6x5min, 1min-90sec easy
10X 30/30
cool down

Workout 4
8min w/u
4x 30sec/1min/2min/6min
10x 1min/30sec easy
cool down

Workout 5
8min w/u
10x1min H/30sec easy
15x2min H/30sec easy
10x 30/30
cool down

theres more but im getting tired now.

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