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Little by Little

SEC's are this monday, in Starkville. I think we will be pretty busy this weekend. Info and what not will be posted on the website I am sure.

As for the running, Ive progressed from a 10min run to a 40min run this week, however I did have one day that I could not run at all, I was just too sore.

Happy Halloween Everyone!


Having some success this week with my achilles. I have not felt it in about 4 days now. I am still sleeping in the night splint and I wear the compression sleeve where ever I ago, but the aching feels like its gone now. I am freakin out, not getting to run at all. But I have got out of the pool again (at least for one of my 2 a day sessions) and have been using the elliptical, and the bike, with little to no discomfort. My achilles did not care to much for both even when it wasnt bothering me. Most days I do a 40-60min cardio session in the morning of bike or elliptical or something, then I do a 30-60 min pool session, something hard thats over pretty fast. I try to average 90min of cardio about 6 times a week, usually one day I only get an hour in (like today) because of time constrants. I think it is working well, I still feel pretty fit (of course) have not gained any weight, but I have not been doing my yoga as I should and I am loosing some ab definition as a result. Running and …

Not much

Well its saturday and Im pretty bored. I just spent the night with some friends and am about to go to bed...but my Husband is coming home late so I thought I might stay up and catch him. I probably wont make it though, its very rare for me to stay up past 11pm.

My achilles actually feels all right today, which is funny because it was terrible all through the week. Maybe because I have completely stayed off it, Ive also been wearing my splint around the house. Its been pretty good so far.

Even though I have been out for almost 7 weeks now, I really dont think I have gained an ounce, which is probably due to the fact that I am still spending 80min in the pool most days, doing intervals the whole time, or I may be eatting less, I havent really felt like I have changed anything really.
Im just as tired at night, if not more so I still feel like I am getting a pretty good workout.

I wore my heart rate monitor the other day, was disappointed to know that if did not work under water, but if I li…
So my calf strain has progressed into an aching achilles, every time I take a step I get a shooting pain up my leg. Therefor I am getting an MRI next week, and I have not been running at all, just pool sessions of 70-80min. I just want to be carefully, I am hoping its nothing....

I guess we will see!

Heading to the Homeland

Well I am going home for 4 days, in the middle of the semester, of all times. Its thanksgiving in Canada, so I will get to see almost all my family and my wild and crazy siblings. I am excited, I have not been traveling much since I hurt myself about 5 weeks ago, I am aching to get out of this mini town for a few days. Since being married, however, I really dont like traveling alone. There is a certain security that comes with my husband being right there. Oh well. Hes on a recruiting trip in texas.

ANyways, so I got a Garmin 305 for my birthday. I have only had the chance to use it once, and I am rehab running so I dont even get the chance to do something spectacular with it. Its like a mini computer on my arm, that barely fits (the band is to big, my wrists are to small). But its addictive, I want to look at it every second, I have to make myself look away for at least a minute. Its really not a great thing for "rehab" running either. My calf is still sore, and yet I want t…
---updated all week i guess---
woo! 2 runs so far this week. nice.
Sunday: AM: 55min run PM: 26min elliptical, abs
Monday: AM: 45min run (kinda sore) PM: 40min bike
Tuesday: AM: 80min elliptical (60min pretty hard, simulating a tempo run) stretch, abs (so boring)


I would just like to forget the training I have had in the last two weeks. A few days I got a good run in, then to not be able to run for a bunch of days after words. Fortunately, I was able to run this sunday, and monday, however my achilles is aching. The calf seems to be all right.

I ended up with a 2nd degree strain, it was not so bad in the beginning, but because I continued to run on it, it would not heal and got progressively worse.

Because I am less than 8 weeks away from Canadian National Cross I can basically kiss that idea good bye. I doubt I will be running workouts next week, and that is where I will need to be. At least I am finally running now, I was getting tired of 90min of cross training a day, or 80min of intervals in the pool. I much prefer going out for an hour run over anything else. The last two weeks I worked pretty hard, but the training sucked so I didnt even log it. Who cares about my elliptical/bike/water running workouts?

Last week the team went to Notre Dam…