Thursday, September 4, 2008

Strained Calf

Week started off OK...just ok.. I had a good run on monday morning, but the afternoon my calfs were really tight and my quads were heavy, I was also getting light headed and dizzy since an hour or so after my long run the day before. Tuesday morning I ran a workout with the girls team, however warmup up and doing drills I could not get my heart rate down and my legs were shaking. I figured I was having some electrolyte issues.. and a little dehydration. Anyways, we were suppose to do 4X1500's and the first three went awful for me compared to what I had been doing (like 10+ seconds), also I was getting 5min rest versus 3min or less. At about 150m into the 4th and last interval I felt a piering pain in my calf, took three strides and tumbled over. I could not put any weight on my left leg.
I know I had been having achilles issues for the last little while so I was really scared at first. Houston drove by and him and Dudley drove me to the trainer, where I realised I had a massive calf cramp and ended up straining it. Unfortunatly I have not been able to run a step since yesterday morning, I guess I am ok with it. My legs wanted a break, however I dont know how 90min of cross training serves as a break. I hate cross training, it has to be harder than running to do anygood.

Tuesday: AM:45min
PM: 28min, abs, stretch
Wednesday: AM: 2 mile w/u 3X1500m, strained calf DNF
PM: 40min elliptical, abs
Thursday: AM:41min bike
PM: 45min elliptical, arm and shoulder weights, abs


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