Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Shut-in it down i guess

Well I strained my calf, pretty bad it seems..ha if its not hip its something else. So, as I am pretty used to this, I will be doing pool workouts and easy miledge for probably the next good while. THe positive in this situation is that, unlike most of my other issues, I can actually get a good relaxed run in of about an hour no problem, its when I get up on my toes for even one stride that we mess the whole thing up.
This morning I was going to run a workout at threshold, yeah did not happen as I tried to do a few 200's at pace and couldnt get up on my toes at all. I went for an easy run instead. this afternoon I am planning on doing a pool workout, probably 5x5min w/ 60sec rest. I really dont like cross training, you need to do twice as much and you still put on wieght no matter what.

Ne ways, X-country is in town this weekend, its bulldog bash and we play Auburn saturday. Think the team has a tempo run at the course. SHould be interesting to watch, but I doubt I will be participating.

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Jesse A. said...

good luck with that calf.