Thursday, September 11, 2008

Messed up

--updated sunday--
these injuries have really got me down, every time I am getting some where, I get hurt. Its so annoying.
I am no stranger to an elliptical machine, a pool workout, or a road bike. This week, I have really tried to work as hard as I can. Actually, I have had a bit of a head ache for the past few days, they one where you have been doing a few to many intense session in a row. Over all, I try not to think about it much, I was getting really tight and fatigued anyway.

The men are running an 8 mile tempo at the course on friday, I may go out there and do a few loops of relaxed running. The SEC Cross COunty Championships are on our course this year and I have not ran the upper loop yet. Its pretty exciting I think. I plan to help out alot with that, I love the SEC.

Monday: AM: 63min run

AM: 55min run (calf is killing me after trying to do strides)
PM: (50min) workout, (warmup on bike, workout inpool) 20min warm up, 5X5min HARD w/60-90sec rest water running (pretty hard but recovered pretty fast)

AM: 45min elliptical (w/ 10X2min hard, 1min easy) abs
PM: 30min run (calf is killing me still)

Thursday: AM: 40min elliptical
PM: 48min run, ab work

Friday: AM:40min elliptical
PM: 48min run

Saturday: AM: 56min run then
poolwork out (45-50min) 15X2min hard, 1min easy

Sunday: 50min run
PM: yoga, abs

I really feel that the elliptical is the best form of corss training for running. Having been injured for over 7 months last year, I could not run only use the elliptical machine. When I got really busy (wedding, grad school, working full time) , the intensity of my workouts decreased but I was able to get back into a normal training cycle very very quickly. My first workout back was an 8 mile tempo, I was averaging about only 15 sec slower per mile than I had been before I was hurt, which I thought was not to bad.

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etta said...

Ugh! Strained calves can be very tough! Stay off your toes, lots of massage, ultrasound helps, and cross-train painfree. That's what worked for me, but it can take some time. So sorry you're hurt!