Sunday, September 21, 2008

Home Meet Recap

Saturday was a pretty good meet for Mississippi State. UNfortunately, the bottom fell out friday morning and it poured all day, and all night. I ran out to the course that morning, arriving at 6:25am, a good 5 minutes before I was scheduled at "packet pickup" to change out of my wet running clothes (it was raining all morning) and eat a stale granola bar Houston had grabbed for me at the BP station on the way out (whats really open at 5am in Starkville?).

The mens race began at 8am and Scrib won in a good 24:?? effort. The course was ankle deep mud and at least 20 meters longer than it was previously, as Houston had to move the finish to a more dry location. The men won the over all title, and the woman repeated shortly after (Masterson won in 18:35 or so, not a fast day for her given the conditions but a win anyway).
Delta timing has yet to put up the results...hmmmm...they should be here eventually....
and here is this race recap from Mstate athletics

As for training, well the calf is getting better, but now my achilles is acting up. I believe I will be full tilt again by the middle of the week. Houston will take the men out to Akerman on Saturday, I plan on getting in a pretty good tempo run there.

Monday: AM: 76min run
Tuesday: AM: 40min run PM: (55min)workout, 15min w/u (elliptical) 6X5min hard, 1 min easy (pool)
Wednesday: AM: 55min elliptical, abs, PM: 38min run (calf messed up)
Thursday:AM: 63 minutes running
Friday: AM:34 minutes easy running PM: 47minutes easy running
Saturday: AM: 52minutes running PM: 30minutes elliptical, 1min hard, i min easy, abs
Sunday: 40min run, abs

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