Monday, September 1, 2008

Gustav bringing some nasty weather this way

The rest of the week actually went pretty good. Saturday I ran a race in jackson for 400 bucks. I did not get much of a warmup so I was kinda jogging most of the way. I caught up with a boy that went out a little to hard and we talked for most of the race. I was not to worried because I did not feel like I was running to fast as I was pretty tight when i drills, stretching, or extended run, pretty much 14 min of jogging and two strides. I ended up running 18:11, and I was so angry, If I knew I was running around 18:00 I would have pushed it alot harder at the 1.5 mile mark...of course there was no mile markers or splits so I had no idea. Suposable, the course was 93 meters long, (was not certified) so that made me feel a whole lot better. Results are available here:

Saturday: 2mile w/u , 5k race (1st) 35min c/d
Sunday: 10miles w/ the girls 1hr 13min
PM: 10min w/u, weights (arms, shoulders, back, legs), abs
Monday: 1hr 40min

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