Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cross training sucks- MSU Home Meet this Weekend

WOrking the home meet this weekend. Pretty excited, I get to see all the tupelo girls that I worked with when I went to Brevard this past summer. ALso the mens and womens team will be racing so I will get to watch that. I will be working the packet pick up, I have to be there at like 6:30am, meaning I will probably need to get up at 4:30 to get my run in. Thats not to much fun.
article posted here:
pretty terrible though. Who really cares about racing ole miss. Results will probably be posted on the website as well.

As for this week, Not much running still. Calf is still pretty messed up.

Monday: AM: 76min run
Tuesday: AM: 40min run PM: (55min)workout, 15min w/u (elliptical) 6X5min hard, 1 min easy (pool)
Wednesday: AM: 55min elliptical, abs, PM: 38min run (calf messed up)

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Jesse A. said...

Whats going on with that calf? Have you got it checked out? I hope it gets better.