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Home Meet Recap

Saturday was a pretty good meet for Mississippi State. UNfortunately, the bottom fell out friday morning and it poured all day, and all night. I ran out to the course that morning, arriving at 6:25am, a good 5 minutes before I was scheduled at "packet pickup" to change out of my wet running clothes (it was raining all morning) and eat a stale granola bar Houston had grabbed for me at the BP station on the way out (whats really open at 5am in Starkville?).

The mens race began at 8am and Scrib won in a good 24:?? effort. The course was ankle deep mud and at least 20 meters longer than it was previously, as Houston had to move the finish to a more dry location. The men won the over all title, and the woman repeated shortly after (Masterson won in 18:35 or so, not a fast day for her given the conditions but a win anyway).
Delta timing has yet to put up the results...hmmmm...they should be here eventually....
and here is this race recap from Mstate…

Cross training sucks- MSU Home Meet this Weekend

WOrking the home meet this weekend. Pretty excited, I get to see all the tupelo girls that I worked with when I went to Brevard this past summer. ALso the mens and womens team will be racing so I will get to watch that. I will be working the packet pick up, I have to be there at like 6:30am, meaning I will probably need to get up at 4:30 to get my run in. Thats not to much fun.
article posted here:
pretty terrible though. Who really cares about racing ole miss. Results will probably be posted on the website as well.

As for this week, Not much running still. Calf is still pretty messed up.

Monday: AM: 76min run
Tuesday: AM: 40min run PM: (55min)workout, 15min w/u (elliptical) 6X5min hard, 1 min easy (pool)
Wednesday: AM: 55min elliptical, abs, PM: 38min run (calf messed up)

Messed up

--updated sunday--
these injuries have really got me down, every time I am getting some where, I get hurt. Its so annoying.
I am no stranger to an elliptical machine, a pool workout, or a road bike. This week, I have really tried to work as hard as I can. Actually, I have had a bit of a head ache for the past few days, they one where you have been doing a few to many intense session in a row. Over all, I try not to think about it much, I was getting really tight and fatigued anyway.

The men are running an 8 mile tempo at the course on friday, I may go out there and do a few loops of relaxed running. The SEC Cross COunty Championships are on our course this year and I have not ran the upper loop yet. Its pretty exciting I think. I plan to help out alot with that, I love the SEC.

Monday: AM: 63min run

AM: 55min run (calf is killing me after trying to do strides)
PM: (50min) workout, (warmup on bike, workout inpool) 20min warm up, 5X5min HARD w/60-90sec rest water running (pretty hard …

Shut-in it down i guess

Well I strained my calf, pretty bad it seems..ha if its not hip its something else. So, as I am pretty used to this, I will be doing pool workouts and easy miledge for probably the next good while. THe positive in this situation is that, unlike most of my other issues, I can actually get a good relaxed run in of about an hour no problem, its when I get up on my toes for even one stride that we mess the whole thing up.
This morning I was going to run a workout at threshold, yeah did not happen as I tried to do a few 200's at pace and couldnt get up on my toes at all. I went for an easy run instead. this afternoon I am planning on doing a pool workout, probably 5x5min w/ 60sec rest. I really dont like cross training, you need to do twice as much and you still put on wieght no matter what.

Ne ways, X-country is in town this weekend, its bulldog bash and we play Auburn saturday. Think the team has a tempo run at the course. SHould be interesting to watch, but I doubt I will be participa…
Yeah TEAM. Both the Mens and the Womens teams went to Swanee this past weekend and lit it up. Wins on both sides, and some pretty awesome performances.
Recap is available here:

as for training, my calf is still messed up so Ive just been running an hour easy....

Saturday: AM: 60min
Sunday: AM: 60min
Monday: AM: 63min
Another crappy day of cross training.....
.... .... .... .....
Friday: AM: 20min light jog (calf still not good)
PM: 65min elliptical, w/30min of 90sec on/30sec off strength, back,abs

Strained Calf

Week started off OK...just ok.. I had a good run on monday morning, but the afternoon my calfs were really tight and my quads were heavy, I was also getting light headed and dizzy since an hour or so after my long run the day before. Tuesday morning I ran a workout with the girls team, however warmup up and doing drills I could not get my heart rate down and my legs were shaking. I figured I was having some electrolyte issues.. and a little dehydration. Anyways, we were suppose to do 4X1500's and the first three went awful for me compared to what I had been doing (like 10+ seconds), also I was getting 5min rest versus 3min or less. At about 150m into the 4th and last interval I felt a piering pain in my calf, took three strides and tumbled over. I could not put any weight on my left leg.
I know I had been having achilles issues for the last little while so I was really scared at first. Houston drove by and him and Dudley drove me to the trainer, where I realised I had a massive cal…

Gustav bringing some nasty weather this way

The rest of the week actually went pretty good. Saturday I ran a race in jackson for 400 bucks. I did not get much of a warmup so I was kinda jogging most of the way. I caught up with a boy that went out a little to hard and we talked for most of the race. I was not to worried because I did not feel like I was running to fast as I was pretty tight when i drills, stretching, or extended run, pretty much 14 min of jogging and two strides. I ended up running 18:11, and I was so angry, If I knew I was running around 18:00 I would have pushed it alot harder at the 1.5 mile mark...of course there was no mile markers or splits so I had no idea. Suposable, the course was 93 meters long, (was not certified) so that made me feel a whole lot better. Results are available here:

Saturday: 2mile w/u , 5k race (1st) 35min c/d
Sunday: 10miles w/ the girls 1hr 13min
PM: 10min w/u, weights (arms, shoulders, back, legs), abs
Monday: 1hr…