Saturday, August 2, 2008

Woodstock 5K

This week has been alot better in terms of training. My hip has not bothered me much, and Ive been trying to really reduce my miledge this week, trying to get ready for a few more weeks of higher miledge. This week I drove the Anniston, Alabama to run in the Woodstock 5k, where the 2009 RRCA will take place. It was a fantastic race with a very very impressive womens field. The mens field was pretty good three deep, the womens field was alot deeper than that. Results are not up yet, will post later.
The night before we ate at TOP OF THE RIVER restaurant, Ive got to say that I was about half way through the complementary corn bread (cooked in a cast iron skillet!) , pickled onions, and slaw, that I was so full I could barely touch my grilled chicken and shrimp. Absolutely one of the most fabulous places I have ever eaten. If you are ever near Anniston and want a good restaurant, stop at Top Of The River.

Monday: AM: light run PM:40min, yoga and ab work
Tuesday: AM: AM: 36min, PM:42min
Wednesday: 2mw/u, 2mc/d, 6x800m at 2:38-2:30 (on the mugshots loop, so I was not very even depending on the hills) PM: 30min, yoga and ab work
Friday: AM: 45min w/ strides, abs
Saturday: 5k race in Alabama

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