Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Results of the RRCA Sout Regional Championship are now up. I ended up finishing less than half a second behind Beth Old, a 2:40 marathoner out of Marietta, Georgia. The times were not to great, I ran 18:08, but all times were pretty slow. The winner, Jill Steffens, only ran 17:12 (she carries a 16:23 PR). Seems about right for a rolling hill course in Alabama, 1st weekend in August. It was so humid I was dripping sweat before the gun went off.
SO I am still looking for a fast 5k road race...something better than the 17:38 I ran in the mud in March this year..there has got to be something!

This week, training has been pretty good I guess. Its only tuesday however.
Saturday: AM: 5k race PM: 40min xt, abs, weights
Sunday: AM: 72min, PM:20min xt, circuit, abs, yoga
Monday: AM: 90min
Tuesday: AM:51min a strides (felt great) PM:30min at 7:10-6:50 pace, circuit, abs

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