Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Time Trials

Tonite is the infamous 4 mile time trial, where Houston basically says, you make the team, you dont. He doesnt like it, he wants all his guys, and he doesnt mind dealing with a good many walk ons. I really hope everyone makes the standard (they have to run under 22 min to be able to train with the team). Now, some that make the team will probably never travel, but they will improve. They always get better. Most of his guys are just going out there to get in a good workout, 5min pace for 4 miles.... Out of like 18 guys, I think he only has a couple on the bubble.

Tonite I have a pretty hard session on the mugshots loop, mile, mile, 1200, 1200, 800, 800. I am not sure what the rest is. My legs feel great, my back kinda hurts though. Its alot better than it has been, at least I can run comfortably again.

Monday: AM: 42min about 7:15pace PM: 24min, 1hr of yoga and circuit
Tuesday: AM: 65 min on the golf course PM: 30min, strides, stretch
Wednesday: AM: 30min PM: planned interval session (going late so that Houston can run with me)

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