Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ready for the Marathon

OK, so womens marathon is tonight, I am so excited. I am sick to my stomach I am so excited to watch it. There are no Canadians in it, sadly, but I am a huge Deena Kastor fan so I am really really looking forward to watching her tonight. I hope she has a good run. Its hard to top her performance in 2004, she ran the smartest race out of the entire field. I have never seen an athlete be so patient, and so calm, for over 2 hours. Unbelievable!
Anyways, this morning I ran a workout with the girls team. It went pretty good, I basically ran with Simone the whole way. I dont understand how someone so Tiny can run so fast. I really enjoyed it, plan on running a few more of there workouts this year.

Friday: 42min w/ strides PM: 1 hour of yoga, pilates, ab work (Houston would not let me run this afternoon, which I listened to him this time after a short argument, my hip has been a little tight this week, and coach usually knows best)

Saturday: AM: 2mile w/u, 3.5mile c/d, 1000m in 3:22, 4miles in 24:12, 1000m in 3:19 (really had sooo much fun this morning) PM: 30 min run and stretch (hip is pretty tight)

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